Am Pondering…

Well, it’s still rather early in the morning, even though I should be in class right now yes I skipped class, I’m here chatting with my sister back in Malaysia and blogging. No BL snippets today, except for the picture of Kojima Lalako’s Neko no Yomeiri which is delaying my Yesasia purchase ’cause it’s the only one left that’s still waiting for stock and it’s already 4th of April now, I’ve ordered them almost a month ago. Yesasia’s been pushing that book’s release date from 19th to 31st of March. :( Boo to you Yesasia, I won’t be ordering from you in a while.

Lesson learnt? Don’t buy books from Yesasia if it’s newly released, no pre-ordering too. Try  BK1 or instead.

Here’s my tiny little rant or flame of the day:


My sister’s pretty much in-tune with most of the anime/manga fandom culture back in Malaysia due to her involvement in the cosplaying circle. I’ve been hearing some pretty scary and immature things that makes me think, “gosh, I’m so lucky I’m never that crazy about shit but then again, my PoT craze was kinda scary…

One thing we’ve noticed is that once a manga gets turned into anime, it becomes uber popular to the point which it just becomes an annoyance. Yes, it’s happening to Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi right now, and as much as I love the series, it seems like my obsession pales in comparison to them.

Well, c’est la vie, we can’t do much but to grumble and complain I guess. I just need to pray and hope that I won’t come to hate this series thanks to the anime. It happened to Junjou Romantica, but that’s also due to the fact that I’m slowly giving up on the series ’cause nothing really actually happens. Yes, nothing happens but I still see people saying “THIS SHIT IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD”. Oh, come on, if that’s the best, I want to see the worse…

Another thing that irks me is people calling themselves fans when they don’t even buy a single product of the anime or manga, not even the book or the DVD itself. It’s simply just outrageous. Don’t give me shit like “I have no money, yo!” or “It’s not available in my country”.

I lived in a country where BL manga’s pretty much frowned upon, so I’ve experienced said bitchy custom. But I’m still able to buy those books. You can buy BL in Kinokuniya in Malaysia, dear Malaysians out there. You can order from the counter too. I’ve been buying manga on my own by saving up pocket money since Form One. I have tons of PoT merchandise Fuji plushie <3! from those days.

Finally, to the people who are so proud of the fact that they read manga online and never bought a single shit? Well, I have nothing to say to you. And reading off mangafox? Good luck dealing with the virus from that site.

This is not how I imagine starting my morning, I blame you, Mio…


2 thoughts on “Am Pondering…

  1. XDD What I way to start of a morning! But I totally understand that manga-turned-anime becomes unknown-turned-super-popular. Gah! It gets me sometimes too DD: A lot of stuff I like just turns bleh after everyone talks about it like its gold. What??! A fan and don't own a single product?? How is that even possible? If only I am not living at home or else there will be boys screwing on my wall, damnit! :DDAnd there will always be a difference between an actual book and reading it off of the internet (take it sniff of new manga, it's soooo good!) XDOTL don't mind my long comment D:

  2. XD Start the morning with a healthy dose of gossips. Keeps you awake like listening to Takuto saying "GINGA BISHOUNEN~";A; Yea, but you'll see me becoming a mindless fangirl in the next few days, SO please ignore me then, that's not the usual cheezy. SiH~ SiH~ SiH~ SiH~!~D__D Hence Japanese otaku looking down on us. 'Cause we don't buy stuff. Lol! I wouldn't want to put naked boys screwing all over my room though, imagine blood all over the place. Gyahs!XD They're saying ebook's going to take over actual hard copy. I hope not. I prefer reading from a book than through the monitor. And owning it physically is such an enjoyment. *_*!!XD No worries, been spamming you with long comments as well. ^.~

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