Post no. 200-1 = ?

Hell yes! I’m almost reaching my 200th post. Can you believe how much crap I can sprout to amount to 200? First things first, bad news? ;A; I just gotten an email from Yesasia regarding my first order.

They’re going to ship the rest of my orders to me in this coming few days, so I should be getting them in 3 weeks from now, I hope? SADLY, this also means no Kojima Lalako for me.

I’m ordering from BK1 this month. It’s going to cost more with the shipping and the total of purchase ’cause I want to squeeze as many books as possible to balance the high cost of shipping through fedex. So I guess I’ll buy the Kojima Ayumi artbook I didn’t get in my last trip to Japan. Don’t ask me why I have a thing for the name “Kojima”.

Is spending $50++ on an artbook worth it? Hell yes! Seems like it has almost everything that Kojima Ayumi illustrated for in that book. Must, buy, for, sexy, men!!


Time for more manga covers, first up some of books I’ve ordered that are not here yet. From the top, left to right:

Boku no Ano Ko by Yuzuya Harushi, Cold Sleep (manga version) by Konohara Narise and Asuo  Mitsuaki, the dreaded Neko no Yomeiri by Kojima Lalako, Neko no Me no Horoscope by Snae Hata, Boys Crossdressing Anthology Syrup [bitter], Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Vol 5 by Nakamura Shungiku

Konya no Yotei, Doudeshou? by Kano Ayumi, Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun by Koshino, Utsukushii Koto (novel) Vol 01 + 02 by Konohara Narise and Hidaka Shouko, Kimi to Parade by Kojima Lalako, Subete wa Koi ni Yorumono by Fukuyama Yataka.

And many more… I promise I’ll take photo when they arrive. Let’s see if Yesasia’s purchase will arrive here before my BK1 order. I swear after this month, I won’t spend money on manga for a month or two!


Iya yo Yamete yo by Kojima Lalako. I missed the pre-order in Bk1, so I’ll be relying on Yesasia for this one. And Ookamisan, Sorosoro Junbi wa Ii desu ka  by Yamada 2 Choume.

ETB asked me a question just this morning, regarding the page in End Game and I’ve got to say, Katsuya you’re one horny little kid. The things that goes through your mind… Outrageous! Here’s the rough translation for the first two panel.


[I want to kiss him.]
[I want to hold him down, to see his naked body.]
[I want to screw him with my little junior.]
Well, that’s it from me today, got to go back to scripting world. *sniff*


5 thoughts on “Post no. 200-1 = ?

  1. Pifft! Little junior, oh you!All the covers look so dazzling (sry, Takuto-kun, had to borrow your entrance word for now) XDD The art is gorgeous and the colors make me melt, hope you get your order soon! XD

  2. WELL, the chinese has a better way of wording it, but omg XD!!!o/ Takuto-kunnnnn!! I heard it ended already. TELL ME ITS NOT TRUEEEEE?!Me hope so too, porn!! Come to mama!

  3. Making it less obvious and awkward:[I want to give pleasure to myself by allowing you access to my little friend.]How is that? :'D

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