Post no. 100×2 = ?

@#$%, Canna just posted the pop for Kojima Lalako’s new tankoubon, Kimi to Parade is so fucking cute! I can’t believe I’m wasting my 200th post to fangirl about her… Sadly, you’ll only get the paper when you buy from Animate, boo~ I hope there’s the mangaka message in the tankoubon though, all the Canna tankoubon I bought has them!!

I’ve recently come about a term that’ll describe some of the manga I’ve been reading. Anybody heard of a genre (more like term though) called Shuuru” (シュール)? It’s short for surrealism but as we all know, Japanese likes to spice things up a little and modify a common term into something that’s either slightly different from the definition we know or simply just totally different meaning.

Shuuru basically refers to something that’s in such an odd or out of norm situation that it’s just… unexplainable.

Am I confusing you yet? Best way to explain this shuuru is through examples:


2ch’s list of shuuru images:

AC部: (Studio with only 3 guys but they’re known for doing stuff that’s so… shuuru)


Mori no Ando: Lol, I watched this ageeeees ago, but yea, shuuru! Peeeero pero pero pero pero pero~ By Taneguchi Hiroshi. There’s like 3 or was it 4 episodes, but, man. A+


Another example is this anime, Cromartie High School. If you like random, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!” kind of anime, well, this one’s for you. Even though I usually support manga more than the anime, in Cromartie’s case, the pacing of the anime just tells the story much better. There’s no pause in the anime at all,. None at all, so don’t hold your breath!


As for manga, there are tons out there. One that I’ve read just recently is the book I’ve talked about last week, Otoko no Hanamichi. My bf was reading it while helping me with my scripting homework at 6am in the morning. So I asked him what does he think of this awesome gag BL, his comment was… shuuru. And this is how I come to know about the word, shuuru :D!

Thus, here begins my quest for shuuru genre manga! Recommend me some shuuru manga  please!


4 thoughts on “Post no. 100×2 = ?

  1. whaaaat the hellll lol that 2ch image board made me laugh.I think I've read some shuuru before but can't exactly pinpoint. I'd like to get into it too.Sadly, I don't have any recs, sorry. T__TBy the way, I've sorta recently become an avid reader of your blog because I want to learn more about the BL scene. I've only read BL in passing but never really went in depth about the authors or the new magazines and serials and stuff (oh, that's so bad).I hope I don't seem like a creep. /o/

  2. XD Stalk all you like, I'm not very up to date with BL manga though, 'cause I only follow certain magazine/anthology if they have a mangaka in there that I like. I usually talk about books I've read or bought. *__* Mangaupdates should have a tag called "shuuru", so that it's easier to find shuuru manga that's out there. Usually they're pretty obscure. Especially when it comes to BL shuuru…

  3. SHUuRUUUUU~ Peroperoperopeeeeero… So lol when you see that all those characters are actually the same person XDDD Loved the links and all those shuuru images XD When I get time, I am so watching Cromartie HS V V I am so going to start using this word: shuuru! (there is just too many of these in the world… DD:)

  4. SHUUUUUUURUUUUUUUUU!! Yes! That Taneguchi Hiroshi dude (mori no andou) has a few different series of work, but they all have the same bloody face and VO, so damn funny!! There are tons of Shuuru shorts I've watched throughout the years, but I still feel this dude's work's still the most WTF! Yes, watch Cromartie. My classmates were crazy about it back in college. They were watching that together in the lab, talk about gay XD!!!

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