Fangirl Report: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~ Episode 01

Man, I was supposed to have this posted yesterday, but I’ve been fangirling with members over at sekai_hatsukoi until now that I didn’t have the time to do so.

All right, if you’re a follower of my blog, you know that I’m a crazy avid fan of Nakamura Shungiku’s Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. And as a fan, it seems like a criteria for me to write my own review of episode one and heck, I should just do it since this deserves the attention.

And you know that I’m so picky with the anime I watch that I’m freaking anal about animation quality and what not. I can’t stand watching badly done anime, like most BL anime are. Yes, I’m staring at you Koisuru Boukun.

Guess who’s in front of Ritsu? Answer will be revealed in the cut!

This is just my personal opinion of this anime as someone who has read the manga from cover to cover. I’m pretty biased since I’m a big fan of this anime, so please take this into consideration and don’t bash the anime or characters in the comment section if you find it not up to your expectation for I’ll bite you and curse you to hell.  Constructive, well thought out and intelligent comments are highly welcomed though.


Opening and Ending 

What can I say, I love Kita Shuuhei’s voice . It’s awesome that they made the opening all happy and hyper but for the ending song, which is by THE music unit – WAKABA, it’s a little sad and melancholic.

And these pretty much summarise the feeling you’re going to get when you read the manga or watch the anime. There are times where it’s so hilarious that you’d be falling off your chair, but there will always be bittersweet moments. Or even times you feel like bashing a character…


Voice Acting

You know what, I prefer the voice over for this anime way more than Junjou Romantica. Konishi Katsuyuki makes an ideal Takano-san for me. Doesn’t his “Che” even in zombie mode sound sexy? Ritsu’s pretty much in character as well.

The seiyuu I’m most impressed with is Kisa’s seiyuu, Okamoto Nobuhiko. He just made me fall for Kisa’s character even though I didn’t really like him at first. His Kisa’s just so freaking cute! No wonder all those horny old men believe him when he lied about being 18. Yukina, you better watch out!

The awesome thing about this episode is that even the side characters which only appeared once are voiced over so nicely. I love listening to their reactions to the main characters or when they have to explain certain things to Ritsu.


Animation and Production Quality

Hey, animation and quality of animation is what I’m usually so fucking anal about that I drop the series or OVA after episode 1. So you can pretty much guess that I’m pretty anal when it comes to this part of the review, ne?

What can I say? Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi’s animation quality surely beats all other BL anime, even Junjou Romantica, that’s out there right now. Well, except for AIC’s Ai no Kusabi remake, now that’s one hell of a sexy anime that needs more financial backing so they’ll continue producing it again.

Sadly, there are some parts of the animation that looked kinda awkward or they’re just still images that the animator just translated to the left, right, up or down.

The finishing for episode one’s pretty good as well. I hope they keep up this quality of work for the next 11 episodes. Background painting wise, obviously you can’t compare this to the likes of Makoto Shinkai  (the man behind Byousoku 5cm, Hoshi no Koe, Kumo no Muko, Yakusoku no Basho and etc) or Ghost in the Shell, they actually put some effort to draw the background decently. At least we’re not getting more than 50% of one-colour fill at the back, right?

The art style for the anime is a little too soft for me though, there are so many unnecessary glows or light pools throughout the anime and I wasn’t really expecting to see the anime being so soft looking like that. That’s one of the qualms I have with the anime.



Since this is just first episode, I won’t talk about character development ‘cause seriously, I’d be shoving what I know from the manga. Thus, judging from this episode alone, we can conclude that Takano-san’s too sexy for his own good. One problem I have with Takano-san though, is his eye colour. Why is it gold? Is this a tribute to his cat Sorata?

Character design pretty much follows Nakamura Shungiku’s drawing style, even their chibi forms. So it’s such a treat to see sensei’s works being animated like that. In full colour too!

Kisa left me with the deepest impression in this episode though. Although it’s funny to see Ritsu’s reaction towards being in a shoujo editorial department or meeting his ass of a boss *cough Takano-san*, nothing beats Kisa-san’s dramatic drop to the floor as if his soul has left his body.

Furthermore, his voice actor’s doing such a fine job with Kisa’s voice, there are a wide range of emotions in there. One word to describe Kisa? CUTE! ARGH!!! *squeezes that old man*



I am so glad they’ve decided to turn this awesome manga into an anime. I usually avoid manganime ‘cause seriously, they sucked ass most of the time. But it seems like Studio DEEN pulled everything out of their sleeves and went the extra mile to produce a BL anime that’s reasonably decent.

Pacing wise, I thought it’s just right, not too slow or fast. I heard some fans complaining it’s too slow, but man, you want the seiyuus to speed their talking up just to push the story faster? And it’s given that you have to end a running series with a cliffhanger, no matter how much we hate that word. It’s not like everybody who watches this anime read the manga, right?

Personally, to be able to watch one of my favourite series come to life and enjoying every moment of it is pretty rare itself. Kudos to all the people who are involved in this anime production for a job well done! And all the peeps who was suffering through mindless-zombie-fangirl syndrome, don’t worry, you’re not alone!


Fangirl-ing moments

*Beware, a mindless zombie fangirl is in the area . Please proceed with caution*


First GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH moment, and this is just the opening of the damn series. Ritsu, you’re so bloody cute 10 years ago.

This scene doesn’t look as impressive as the manga though, there’s not enough gloom and the colour’s a little too saturated… and happy.

And the moment everybody’s been waiting for, the most lasting and sudden scene so far in the manga, the kiss right in front of the mangaka. :D!


And yes, the answer to the pic on the left is Usami-san! JR character cameo to rake in JR fans I bet. :D

And lastly, since I got too lazy posting image one by one, montage of a very cute scene. Highlight’s supposed to be on the shot where Takano-san finally realises who Ritsu is but I guess the ruler throwing shot’s just too hilarious! I tried really hard to get the expression of Ritsu’s face when it got it, but man, so hard to do a simple screenshot in VLC ’cause I can’t set shortcuts!!

All right. This is the last review you’d see me spamming so much screenshots with. If I were to write one next week for episode two, it’ll be shorter and filled with more “GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”! Look forward to that mindless rant!


13 thoughts on “Fangirl Report: Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi ~ Episode 01

  1. Tiny bit disappointed because I thought the kiss would last a little longer! I mean, it was so that she could draw it, so I always pictured it a few seconds long.But kyaaaaaaa! I loved watching this ^.^ When's the next one?? I can't believe how quickly they got it subbed and hosted on the web. I'm so happy about that.

  2. This may be off topic of SIH.But Koisuru Boukun wasn't THAT bad… but the music sure did suck. I've seen worse yaoi OVAs and animes. Other than the music, what was wrong with it?It would be interesting to talk about yaois we DIDN'T like.

  3. Haha, man, I didn't know the OP was by Kita Shuuhei. orz;; I want the single omgahhh. Listening to TV version for now.This is the first time I like both OP and ED. Not like I had EDs, but I usually like OPs more. Ahhh, they really threw out all the stops for this. TvTI agree about Kisa's seiyuu. omg, so. frikken. cute. Especially when Ritsu thought he was in the wrong department and was gonna leave but then Kisa ran up to him, GIGGLED, and said "nani ittenda yo~"SOOOOOO CUUUUUTE AUGHHHHHNOT JUST OLD MEN, YOU'LL GET OLD MAIDS PICKING YOU UP TOO o/I never knew what color eyes Takano had. The fifth volume cover has Takano's eyes as a light yellowish color though.omg, I loved the opening scene. And idk, I loved when Takano ruffled Ritsu's hair. That was so cute///// I didn't realize how many times Takano pats Ritsu. Awww. xDI didn't know it was Takano talking about the whole dokidoki moment of shoujo manga lol. <__>;;

  4. @tessa: Lol, got to hand it to crunchy I guess? But there were some funky translations going on in there that I couldn't stand watching with the subtitles on… *sigh…Next one's next Friday morning for me :D!@maidcafe: Koisuru has too much still frame panning for me to like. :( I couldn't stand anime like that. But there ARE worse anime out there, omg, those I couldn't even watch past the first minute. *stabbed and deleted those immediately*@yumeji with typo: Single ain't coming out till a month later. ;A; That's like the end of the term for me as well. I'm SOOOO looking forward to that date! XD I don't usually hate/love opening or ending cause usually the case is, their being produced by different director or company. It's quite obvious when they outsource opening or endings with the quality (most of the time the animation's better than the actual series…)YESH!! KISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!;( Takano-san's eyes could have been another shade of yellow though, this one really threw me off… XD I love the opening scene!! Ricchan's so cute there ;A;!! I feel like a pedophile saying this…Takano-san's passionate about his work XD!

  5. OMG. I can't wait for more of these hot kisses. I swear soo many funny moments. I mean when Ritsu first went into the manga department and everyone was like dead…hahahahahahaha. I'm still laughing…I need episode 2 like NOW. what only 4 more days….time go FASTER!!!! MORE, MORE, I WANT MORE! XD

  6. This was really well produced.I'm really looking forward to more. I can guess they will be as chaste as Junjou's 2nd season for this show. But I'm still curious how they will handle the generous amount of ecchi scenes.What usually kills a BL anime for me is the love scene music. I often cringe at the lame porno theme that starts up at love scenes.Lets hope they can set up a nice mood ^^So far so good.

  7. @marmaladechic: LOL! Good one, pointing out lame porno music theme!! I couldn't stand some of the SFX used in BL anime too. ;A;!!

  8. You mentioned Usagi, but you forgot to mention the Junjou Terrorist panda seen in the opening. Right when Ritsu ran out of the train station in the beginning, you can see the mustached panda.Just wanted to mention it.

  9. I love that Kisa zombie drop from chair and the ruler throwing scene too XDWish someone would make a gif out of them. I bet someone already did!

  10. XD Yeah, someone did make GIF out of them in sekai_hatsukoi. If you're not there already, just join and I'll approve you ASAP. :D!

  11. Hi, I like the first episode of Sekaiichi a lot too. Haven't read the manga and trying to resist the temptation so that the story of the anime will still be new. Animation is good in the first episode but there is some light glitch in the second. Voice acting is great though, it sets up the characters nicely.I like Takano a lot already. The tough guy with a hidden kind heart. But force-kissing Onodera in ep.2 is a bit too much. I expect him to be more professional than that, but well, he has a good reason to be pissed off.

  12. OMFG >///< JUHST by seeinqq usami-san i wunna read junjou all over again hahah, & is it bad for me to like the sexual harresmnet in Ep.3? :P

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