Ushiro no Kedamono by Arai Sachi

Kuro, this post is dedicated to you!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Even though you didn’t get your dessert buffet in a casino, hopefully you’ve spent you day wisely by reading x-rated BL. I went hunting for BL manga that’s shuuru and I think Arai Sachi comes close to it? Can’t say it’s shuuru though, since there’s no extreme craziness but the humour there always made me laugh.

If you’ve read Ushiro no Kedamono, well too bad. I’ll still talk about this. It’s Arai Sachi after all! And we can rave about this together. If not, well, go read it! In fact, read all her works, especially Amaagari no 10 Nenme, it’s so freaking cute!!

I’ve read this ages ago since I’m a big big BIG fan of Arai Sachi’s works but somebody in LJ’s kind enough to share the raws, so I don’t have to torture my poor books by scanning them.

Hakamada Munezaku’s quite a well known stylist but amidst his hectic life at work he neglected the cleanliness of his own house. Thus, for the first time in his entire life he hired the help of a utility man from Taiyou Service to help solve his problem at home. Sadly, the person who arrived at his doorstep was some dark trench-coat wearing hit-man weirdo who’s so out of this time and just can’t stop teasing the hell out of Munezaku.

To make matters worse for Munezaku, one of his runners at work seemed to have gotten himself hospitalized. Desperate for help, Munezaku enlisted the help of this man named Inoue Kaoru. Will Munezaku be able to withstand the onslaught of molestation and cave into his inner beastly needs? Or will the story turn out to be some sappy love story between two lonely men looking for a kindred soul?

READ TO FIND OUT! Or stare at Kaoru shoving his hands down Munekazu’s pants. :D


I don’t know the right word for 便利屋 – benriya, so I used the dictionary and it gave me this “utility man” but basically as long as you commission him/her to do something well within their contract, they’d do about just anything… Did I say anything?


Obviously, the main forte of Arai Sachi’s work is the humour and variety of dynamics of relationship between the sexy seme and drop dead gorgeous sex, oups I mean uke.


Kaoru makes an amusing seme ‘cause masculinity doesn’t seem to be in his vocab for some reason;


and he’d do just about anything to make Munezaku happy.


But that doesn’t mean he can’t tease the hell out of his favourite uke, right?


Of course, sex scenes in Ushiro no Kedamono isn’t the hottest out there or is there any cheesy, mushy romantic lines like Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, but damn, having sex in the bathtub gets a +1 from me.


I’m going to reread this book again and squeal at all the cute and amusing moments between Munekazu and Kaoru. I promise I’ll review more hardcore manga or at least, hunt down pictures for you, Shu! Kuro, hope you enjoyed this little teaser even though I’m a little late with it. ;A;!


3 thoughts on “Ushiro no Kedamono by Arai Sachi

  1. Ho-yay for softcore!Shuuru! I am so looking for this to read~ I mean when do you EVER get to see the naked apron on the seme?? XDD Mmm… bath tub sex definitely deserves an extra point or two XDDThank you, thank you!!~

  2. Lol, softcore shuuru, hardcore shounen ai (is this even considered yaoi?)XD You should read all her works! They're hilarious and their story's kinda different from each books. At least her characters from different books doesn't remind you of each other. :D

  3. They do have bum-smex though? I think that is the basic line that puts it in the yaoi section XDDDThat's good to hear, hate books where all the characters look alike, I can't tell them apart!! DD:

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