Boku no Ano Ko by Yuzuya Haruhi

I am so glad I bought Yuzuya Haruhi’s first offical tankoubon, Boku no Ano Ko. Her uke(s) reminds me a little of Tsunayoshi from KHR, but maybe that’s ‘cause I’ve read her KHR doujinshi?

This book is just so fucking cute, there’s no other way to describe it. Each story has their own cliché moments but man, you’ll ignore that bit of error to squeal at all these cute character interactions. Do note she brings a little of her own Tsuna characteristics into some of her uke. At times, I felt like I’m reading KHR doujinshi…

Nonetheless, this book is worth buying for all these fluffy cute and sometimes utterly retarded moments. I’m sorely tempted to review on every single one of the stories in the book, but you know how lazy I am, right? I’ll keep the rest short and simple.

Boku no Ano Ko

Ever since he was a child, Chigusa’s parents took matters into their own hands and decided a fiancée for him, who was a kid a year younger than him named Aki. The moment he laid his eyes on the picture of his fiancée, he was head over heels in love with her and they were promised to be able to meet on Aki’s 16th birthday. Many years later, Chigusa was still madly infatuated with his Aki-chan that he had refused any other attempts to court him just to be with her. And thus, Aki-chan kinda in famous in his school.

One fine day, Chigusa’s mum dropped a bomb shell on him saying that Aki-chan would be staying over in their house since Aki-chan’s parents were overseas, living the poor girl alone. Suffering through lack of sleep and several nervous breakdown, Chigusa anxiously anticipated the arrival of his childhood sweetheart, only to come face to face with…

A hunk of a manly pretty boy who’s definitely not the Aki-chan he had in mind. Thus was the first meeting of Chigusa with the boy, Naruse Aki.

And the story goes on about how Chigusa’s trying to come to terms with the fact that his fiancée is a full blooded male, how Aki had to fight against Chigusa’s version of Aki-chan to court the poor guy and what would you know, Chigusa’s mum is a closet fujoshi!

This story’s brilliantly cute and fun to read! GYA! MOE! WHATEVER THAT MAKES ME SOUND LIKE SOME CRAZY LUNATIC HIGH ON ESTACY! I love Aki as a character. He has so many sides to him. He’s not overly exerting his male testosterones and has that boy secretly-madly-in-love-with-his-crush-but-not-going-to-show-much vibe going on. Chigusa’s the type of uke who isn’t girly at all and is pretty comfortable with his manly ego that it’s so funny reading about him trying to see the fact that his crush is a boy way manlier than him.

Megane no Kimi Koi Shiteru?

Suzumiya Shouta has megane-fetish (glasses fetish) and his number 1 megane guy is his classmate, Sakada Kazusa. A baseball went astray came crashing into their classroom one day and in an attempt to save Suzumiya, Sakada broke his glasses. Feeling guilty (not to mention having his heart hammering into his chest with Sakada without glasses) for the incident, Suzumiya volunteered to be Sakada’s eyes, despite being so clumsy himself. Will Suzumiya survive the ordeal and find true love…?

Bokura no Timing

Being drunk off his ass, Kanou woke up with little to no recollection of the events from the day before. Well, maybe he did remember a tiny bit of detail, like how he kissed his friend Kenji. To salvage their friendship, Kanou apologised for the kiss in front of everybody and told Kenji he couldn’t remember anything other than that. Kenji got put off and he began avoiding Kanou… What’s going on with Kenji? Will Kanou ever remember the details for his drunken escapade?

I don’t like this, even if it’s cute. The plot’s just too overused. The previous short story’s kinda cliché as well, but gosh, this one’s too cliché for me to turn blind eyes. And btw, why most BL stories, once the couple confess their feelings, it’ll boil down to sex?!

Yoteigai no Koi

I love this short story the most, it’s short but sweet! Spoiler ahead, I’m telling the whole plot here ‘cause there’s only 8 pages in this lovely story.

For the first time in his 18 years of life, Takezaki found a love letter in his drawer. Screaming out loud in joy an estacy, his classmates congratulated the poor boy and teased him a little. Takezaki anticipated meeting the person who sent him the letter after school behind the gymnasium.

Sadly, even after 2 hours of waiting, that person didn’t turn up. Out of the blue, his classmate, Kuroda, turned out to inform Takezaki that he was duped by his friends and there were betting pool by the school gate on how long he’s going to wait for something that’s not going to happen.

Taking pity on the boy (or is it?) Kuroda read the letter out loud and by the end of it, gave the cutest confession of his love for Takezaki.

Suki Suki Daisuki

Erm, this one’s a teacher student relationship story. Not the best out there either so I’m not going to bother summarizing it…

Aik I forgot to mention, Yuzuya Haruhi’s boys are drop dead gorgeous, now all sensei need to do is work on their sexy factor… or not? I’m hoping to read more of her works, so bring it on!


4 thoughts on “Boku no Ano Ko by Yuzuya Haruhi

  1. The first story is practically a HibariTsuna doujin glaring at you in the face XDDD And is it just me or does every pair have a Hibari-look alike? DDD:

  2. LOL, no way! Hibari doesn't smile like that… I guess? D: I hope not? Or only in front of Tsuna? XD But yes, a reminiscent of KHR doujinshi right?

  3. Thank you for the review. I initially had this book in my order but left it out at the end because of the cover. I mean it’s gorgeous but one of the characters looks a bit young, shota. I was afraid if I’d included this book in my order, my parcel might not have made through customs clearance. Now I really want to have this one, after reading your review. I guess I’ll take a gamble then, this book is now in my next order. Hopefully it will be arriving safe and sound.

    • You’re welcome! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the cute, warm and fuzziness of the book. I don’t know if underage sex will be a problem? Most of the characters are still in high school though… Good luck with custom clearance!

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