Procrastination At Its Best :D!

I’d like to mention this really weird manga I read today, Examurai. I loved the cover but holy shit, I so did not know the manga was based on the EXILE members and Hiro himself is one of the author of this series. But hey, the manga’s pretty fun to read!

Another good news to share! It seems like Nakamura Asumiko’s somewhat back to the BL scene. You can read her latest full coloured oneshot アードルテとアーダルテ (Adolte and Adalte?) at pocopoco. Just click on the orange box right before the banner, but be careful all comments popping out from readers, they can be pretty annoying. This story’s a twisted version of a fairytale we’re pretty much familiar with as well. :D

Rough summary of the story:
In a far distant magical land two boys were born with an identical face. One was a prince who had fame, status, fortune and he lived a comfortable life surrounded by all the beauty of the world. Another lived a harsh life forever being locked up in a dungeon. A meeting by chance brought both boys from different strata of society together…


Pocopoco has tons of other manga on their site as well, like Furuya Usamaru’s Litchi Hikari Club prequel, Bokura no Hikari Club. :D!


Someone in LJ shared Umezawa Hana‘s latest series, DEEP THROAT – Karei na Kaizokutachi (In English; Magnificent/Splendid Pirates) today. Umezawa Hana’s work never really had any good storyline or characters,  but I’ll be reading this because the title cracks me up so much.

Judging from chapter one, our main character’s a carpenter who somehow got roped into repairing a really broken down but still quite extravagant ship by a well dressed man with spec and a beautiful lady(?). Having fallen in love with her at first sight, our little carpenter sets out to the ship with a flower in hand only to be crushed by the sight of that lady being kissed by the captain of the ship. What’s worse, he found out she’s been prostituting herself to everybody in the ship!! But it seems like somebody wanted to kill our little missy. While the carpenter and the lady were on-board the ship (yeah, everybody went out to party) they were attacked by assassin. And that is how the oblivious little carpenter found out about the ship being owned by pirates!


Looks like Suzukura Hal’s pretty busy nowadays. She has another new series in Rutile entitled Yasahiku Koroshite, Boku no Kokoro wo. The original novel is by Kannagi Satoru and it’s illustrated by Kane Hikaru. Cocopie from bldrama wrote a summary from the drama CD, but it should have the same storyline, no? D: The colour spread by Suzukura Hal (left) looks so beautiful! Should I buy that issue of Rutile just for that spread? There aren’t any series I’m following in Rutile though… *weeps* So far, Suzukura Hal’s original manga sucks story wise, so I’m hoping that this novel adaptation would be good. It’ll be such a waste for her pretty drawing to go with crappy story telling…


Okashi Gijinka Keikaku is an anthology published by Hanaoto, roughly translates as Confectionery Personification Scheme. I don’t think I’ll be getting this, even though I have a soft spot mangas that have mentions of sweets and cakes, since I’m not really interested to read anything by the mangaka listed on the cover.

Featured Artist:

Koujima Naduki
Natsumizu Ritsu
CJ Michalski
Haruno Ahiru
Kitazawa Kyou
Sakura Haiji
Honjou Rie
Fujikawa Ruri
Guren Naomi
糸井のぞ (Itoi Onzo?)
Uchida Tsuchi
Matsumoto Hana
Uekawa Kichi
Mikuni Hajime


Machiko Madoka updated her site quite a bit since the last time I checked. One thing about Machiko Madoka, her original manga are so sweet and fluffy that it gives me cavities. I love them all the same though. The pic above is her manga that’s being published in Kaguya SPADE, Kawasou wa Boku no Yome. I can’t confirm whether this is BL or shoujo since most of the title under Kaguya’s shoujo.


This one though, “Suki ga Ienai, Aishiteru”, is definitely BL. Heck, this is one of the uber fluffy ones that makes you cringe at all the cheesy moments and over the top “rabu rabu”. If I’m not mistaken the title’s a spin-off of a novel by Sakiya HaruhiKisu ga Dekinai, Koi wo Shitai. It’s currently being published under Rutile. :D!


All right. I’m buying Mr. Secret Floor by Tsurugi Kai and Asagiri You. just for the smex and to collect Tsurugi Kai’s manga. There’s no such thing as plot in this manga. I wonder how did the novel by Asagiri You turned out to be…? The cover for the novel (right) seems like it’s drawn by two different person though, like Tsurugi Kai drew the seme on the right and Asagiri You did the uke. I maybe wrong though. But the uke doesn’t look like Tsurugi Kai’s drawing style at all.


Guess who’s on the cover for Volume 7 of Demian Syndrome :D!


5 thoughts on “Procrastination At Its Best :D!

  1. Hurhrr~ My eyes definitely paused at the DEEP THROAT part… OTLBut seriously, even Okashi gets to be personified these days…??!! -face palms-

  2. Yesh! Confectionery BL! Imagine there's a BL for bakery too, you'd be totally living in it… Provided there are 2 cute boys at the store you're working at.IKR, DEEP THROAT! <3

  3. Shame, there is only two middle-aged (not the sexy type either) man and a woman working there. And they are also too cheap to hire anyone else… DD:Such shame really~

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