Cold Sleep by Konohara Narise & Asou Mitusaki

It’s crunch time for me now that I’m nearing the end of the term. I’m so sorry for lack of updates and to Shu, no daily porn for you. :( I’ll make it up to you by massive daily posting once I’m done with my projects. I’ll be back soon-ish!

Today I’m reviewing Asou Mitsuaki’s version of Cold Sleep. The original novel’s written by Konohara Narise and illustrated by Saikawa Nanao. I haven’t read the novels and I don’t think I’ll be reading it any time in the future, so I won’t be able to compare this novel adaptation with its original.

Currently there are 3 novels in Cold Sleep verse, first book being Cold Sleep, followed by Cold Light and Cold Fever.


Here’s how the story goes…

Main character, Takahisa Tooru woke up from a horrible accident in an unknown hospital with no memories of his past self, not even his own name. It was only thanks to a man who claimed to be his friend from his previous part-time job named Fujishima that he knew his name.

With his amnesia, he wasn’t able to go back to his past life and was forced to stay with Fujishima until he gets his bearing together. Living with Fujishima was the least to say, awkward. Tooru wanted to find out about his past but Fujishima didn’t even mention anything other than his name. In fact, Fujishima seemed to be hiding something really important from him, but what is it? Is it related to his past life?


Tooru wasn’t fond of being dependant on his sugar daddy, so he went searching for a job around the area while searching for any clue that’ll stimulate his memories. Fujishima gave him some information about the placed they worked together in the past, but when Tooru asked the person in charge, it seemed they were never there to begin with. Why had Fujishima lied to him? Is Tooru able to continue living with a man as fishy as Fujishima? Will his budding affection for Fujishima get in the way of finding his past life?

My thoughts?

I’m slightly disappointed with this book actually. I had high expectation since it’s a novel adaptation of Konohara Narise’s novel. Sadly the pacing of this book is so slow I actually had to read this book in two sittings. The greatest aspect of this manga is its melodrama moments which happened all the time. The main theme of this story is about Tooru finding out his past and how he’s handling his relationship with Fujishima.

Fujishima’s character just screams fishy right from page 3 he didn’t appear in page 1. He seemed to be forcing Tooru to be a person that he wanted him to be. Example would be hinting really obviously to have Tooru pick up photography, he even bought Tooru a DSLR camera. Tooru is like a lost puppy vying for Fujishima’s affection. You’d think Tooru’s going to be the uke of the story, but no, he’s the awkward seme of the story.

You know that there is something big going on in the back story, but even until the end, we haven’t even touch the surface of this mystery. So, I went ahead a spoil myself with the rest of the novel reviews, lo and behold, mysteries solved in the second novel, Cold Light.

And sex? There’s no sex in this story, or at least in this book, other than poor Tooru’s wet dream. :D Tooru’s wet dream starts off mild (french kissing) as the story progress, so does his feelings for Fujishima and the nature of his dreams became naughtier…

I’d also like to mention the uber cliché Japanese drama ending too. I’m not going to spoil anybody unless they hunt for the novel’s synopsis. I wished sensei (Konohara) used a different approach for the big reveal. Sigh…

That said, Asou Mitsuaki did an awesome job adapting this novel into a manga. All the characters are very expressive, the side characters aren’t sloppily drawn and you can feel so much emotions in some of the panels even without any dialogue just by looking at the drawings. Not to mention I love how much effort she had put into drawing backgrounds into every single chapter, especially the convenience store and the bakery. And did I mention, cakes? There were so many pretty artisan cakes in there. Tooru couldn’t help but to feed Fujishima with cakes every day ’cause of his sweet tooth.

If you like drama, angst, drunken moments and everything in between, this is the manga for you. I wouldn’t say it’s the best manga ever but at least it’s different from those usual BL manga that’s out there that’s all sex and no plot. Only problem I have now is waiting for the second novel to be adapted to manga, I wonder if I’ll ever get to read that…?


2 thoughts on “Cold Sleep by Konohara Narise & Asou Mitusaki

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