Interesting New Stuff Coming Our Way!!

Nashi Torico who’s only been drawing novel illustration has another manga coming out on the 1st of June in Hertz 44. This time, instead of teasing us with a 7 page comic, we get 26 pages instead!! Doesn’t say whether if it’s a oneshot or a series, but I really hope we do get the latter.


Maki Ebishi‘s new manga title is an adaptation of Ubukata Tow light novel, Tenchi Meisatsu was published in this month’s Afternoon magazine. What’s so great about this is the stage is set during Edo period, hence my favourite genre of all, historical! It doesn’t help that I love Maki Ebishi’s work to bits. I’ll have to review her BL work, Kimi ni Ageru. soon. It’s licensed by June now though and if you like reading slice of life, I highly recommend having this in your arsenal. Check out Maki Ebishi’s website, I love the character on the front page. :)



Ouji-sama to Haiiro no Hibi is Yamanaka Hiko‘s new shoujo series under Aria. Since I don’t reading anything from Aria, I’m just going to wait for the tankoubon to come out but I’m looking forward to read this!
The gist of the story’s like this:

Atsuko, a middle school girl lived an extremely poor life with her father. To make ends meet, she took up weird part-time job, staining her ands. Her school life’s pretty sad since she’s hated by her peers. But one day, Atsuko caught the eyes of a group of three shinningboys. Itaru was interested in Atsuko, so he got his two bodyguards to kidnap her and brought her to his magnificently rich and glamorous mansion. What will happen to poor Atsuko…?


This one isn’t new, but I didn’t know this piece of information until today. Takarai Rihito has a short series currently running in Wings called Kakemakumo, Kashikoki (かけまくも、かしこ), originally the story’s written by Masaya Miryu. We’re only supposed to get 3 chapter, but according to sensei’s entry, due to the amount of pages, the last chapter got split into two. The second half of the last chapter will be on the next issue of Wings in June.


Since I was in Wings‘ page, I saw a few familiar names in the BL/slash world in this month’s issue of Wings. Kusama Sakae’s starting her new series Mahou no Tsukaikata, Minekura Kazuya with her Kyou, Natsume Isaku’s Ayakari Soushi, and Nangoku Banana’s Milk Man.

4 thoughts on “Interesting New Stuff Coming Our Way!!

  1. -squeals- Nangoku Banana's Milk Man?!! V V is she releasing new chapter or something but either way I loved it like mad *u*Anyways~ Maki Ebishi's cover (art and that front page on her site) looks gorgeous! Though what is this title about?

  2. XD It's not new, and neither is it BL though. But the title sounds suspicious, Milk Man?!I don't know what Tenchi Meisatsu's about, other than it's being set in Edo. Maybe there'll be raws soon. :'D?

  3. Haha, I know its not technically BL but it's so dirty with all those hints, it might as well be XDDD And yes, the title just gives it that extra push XDLet's hope! *u*

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