Koshino's Autograph Session

Why aren’t I in Japan?! Koshino-sensei‘s having a autograph session in conjunction with sensei’s new tankoubon release of her popular series in BExBOY mag, Acchi to Kocchi. This one looks so cute, but how I wish they… *cough* I’ll talk about the anguish I felt when I was reading sensei’s other book, Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun when I’m post my review of it. Not to say it’s not good, it’s great, but…

Anyway, details of the autograph session for those who are in Japan right now.

Website: http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/koshino_sign/
Date: 22nd of May 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm
Venue: Junkudou ~ Ikebukuro – Basement F1 (comic floor) [map]

Only the first 150 customers who bought Acchi to Kocchi on the day it’s released (10th of May) will be able to join. More information just check the website.

I’ll just hide in the corner of my room and mourn for my lost. You can see I’m slowly turning into a Koshino fan now. So hard to resist all her witty innuendo filled humour and awkward characters!


4 thoughts on “Koshino's Autograph Session

  1. Hehe, I still remember Koshino-sensei's Shiawase and all that surprise porn I got a shock from XDD -pat pat- I am sure there will be another chance for you~ So just go and turn into a full-fledged fan of hers first XDD

  2. LOL YEAH! Uncensored porn shock too!! I've reread Shiawase so many times and it's still so awesome. *sniff* I'll only have the chance if I stay in Tokyo for 5 years or more…

  3. Hi =) Where have you read the manga "Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun"?? I can't find it anywhere =_='' I really want to read it.And Acchi to Kocchi seems really cute *-* Love koshino-sensei x)Bye, thanks!Nya-chan

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