Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun by Koshino

Thanks to his book, I’ve successfully converted myself to a Koshino fan. It is so hard to resist her awkward characters and witty humour. I love the omake in this book! Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun isn’t as dirty as the other book I wrote a little short review about, Shiawase ni Natte Mimasen ka? and this one’s definitely slice of life. There isn’t much story going on, so when I’m reading this, it feels so much like a sitcom slanted towards yaoi of course.

The book’s pretty thick, with 7 chapters and an omake or two for every chapter. Usually the omake’s about something that’s mentioned in the chapter. I liked one of the omake where Sasahara’s younger brother caught him naked in the toilet, facing the mirror with his hands on his naked butt. His younger brother then tweeted about his elder brother’s embarrassing predicament. :)

Anyway, background of the book goes like this:

Samejima confessed to his good friend, Sasahara at work on the eve of New Year. Sadly, Samejima got rejected because Sasahara though he was just joking around and it was unthinkable that his best male friend actually confessed his love to him.

Two hours later, Sasahara in his little scooter rode up to Samejima’s apartment to celebrate the last day of the year together as if the confession didn’t happen at all. Samejima’s a little pissed that Sasahara brushed off his advances like that.

Boys will always be boys, right? They scuffled under the little kotatsu in Samejima’s place and in the middle of it Sasahara’s leg suffered one serious cramp. While giving Sasahara foot massage, the boys talked a little about Samejima’s confession and to prove his point, Samejima licked Sasahara’s toes as the New Year bell struck!

The story goes on about how Sasahara came to understand the depth of Samejima’s feelings for him and at the same time, battling his curiosity and possible love for his best friend. Of course, it wouldn’t be Koshino if the road of forming a relationship between those two is all smooth sailing and not forgetting my personal favourite awkward moments where the boys explore the wonders of gay sex together while watching gay porn :D.


The first thing I did when I got the book was to flip through the pages for yummy sex scenes, but lo and behold, WHITE OUTS!! Unlike sensei’s previous books, Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun was so badly censored that I spent more than an hour mourning the loss of pretty penis and yummy holes. I was so disappointed. Shu suggested I draw the penises back. Maybe I’ll do that, one day…

Well, censors aside, this book is definitely cuter than Koshino’s ossan story. I love Samejima’s reaction the most in this book. Sensei drew little sharks on Samejima’s shirt (whenever he’s wearing something black) to portray Samejima’s inner turmoil. In case you didn’t know, same(鮫) means shark in Japanese while sasa(笹) means bamboo grass.

Speaking of Samejima, you really can’t help but to pity the poor guy. Sure he knows he’s in love with his best friend, who seemed to not mind that idea at all. But he has really low self confidence well maybe it’s not his self-esteem when it comes to taking a step further with his relationship with Sasahara. He’s just plain lucky Sasahara’s equally as horny as him and pretty much open to being in a relationship with his very male friend. Heck, after Samejima hugged Sasahara in one of the chapter, he pushed Sasahara out the door and thanked Sasahra for letting him hug him. Samejima, you’re just too innocent to be a shark.

And did I mention Samejima’s really really cute?! Not in the sense of his looks, but his character. Look at this image for example please ignore Sasahara’s butt. Samejima said, “…I don’t want my naked body to be seen.” Gah! This book’s so freaking cute and dirty at the same time. Sasahara’s a pretty sunky character too. He just can’t stop lording over the fact that Samejima is a virgin and calls him doutei (童貞 – male virgin) whenever they’re arguing.

As for sex scenes, it’s still pretty dirty, hot and best of all? AWKWARD! I didn’t know which page to scan, so I just scanned the whole fellatio from one of the chapter. For a virgin or at least that’s what Sasahara kept calling him, he’s pretty agressive.

Here’s my favourite scene, Samejima stuffing the tip of a lube into Sasahara’s hole. At first I thought it was mayonnaise… All right, I lied, this book is plain filthy. I just realise how dirty this post got. LOL!! Kids, if you’re under 18, don’t read my blog, all right?

Overall, this is a really fun and enjoyable book to read. I would have given it a 10 if it wasn’t for those ugly censors. *weeps* I’ll sell my soul to you if you manage to finish reading Samejima’s little rant here. I gave up after 5-6 lines…


11 thoughts on “Samejima-kun to Sasahara-kun by Koshino

  1. "All right, I lied, this book is plain filthy. I just realise how dirty this post got. LOL!! Kids, if you're under 18, don't read my blog, all right?" <=== I think you put this abit too late LOL Awww I wanna read this book <3

  2. :X Well, the thumbnails are pretty small, not everybody will click on them, right…? I hope? Hell yes, buy the book and read it~ It's so cute, I think I've read from cover to cover more than 5 times, in less than a week. Samjima, for a seme, you're so freaking cute!! *pinches the lil shark*

  3. :'D I think you've taken whatever's left over of my innocence…. but it's cute though…and I finally get what you meant about the censors :'Deverything is so white~

  4. XD You're never innocent in the first place anyway. :( Those censors… blegh… Still breaks my heart to see them. *weeps*

  5. So many bare bums in this post, cheezy XDDDDThough honestly, Koshino has the most deceptive cover art (ever.) It looks all slice of life and then you flip it open and despite all that censors (though i am equally curious about redrawn penises XDDDD) there are still a lot of sex XDD

  6. XD There are more butts in the book, I didn't scan them. There's one where Sasahara's butt was right in Samejima's face, I don't remember what they were doing, but they ended up making out of course. And there's an omake (a few actually) about Sasahara's butt. :D Got to love sensei's obsession with butt. Big, round, shinny (and according to Samejima, bouncy too) butt. XD Everybody's a perv! There isn't a lot of sex in this book though, not like Shiawase were we get one every chapter. This one's like a tease or two here and there, and about 3 chapter that contains sex. Not gonna complain about the amount when there's so many pages of them though :D!

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  8. Ahh, I want to read it so bad but it’s too dirty for my liking. I would read it online, though I probably won’t buy it…

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