Kimi ni Ageru by Maki Ebishi

After the slightly traumatic come-back-post, I thought I’d start with something mild for a change. Here’s a little short review of Maki Ebishi’s shounen ai title, Kimi ni Ageru.


Iinuma Ryouichi was betrayed and left with a debt of 3 million yen by his lover, Tokita Hiroshi. Running away from the debt collectors in a stormy typhoon night, Iinuma wandered around until a pamphlet for a tea shop came smacking onto his face. When Iinuma entered the tea shop, he saw the sleeping figure of Shirakawa Ren, the mysterious owner of the shop.


Seeing Iinuma’s drenched form, Shirakawa offered Iinuma tea and comforted his poor weeping soul. “Kimi ni Ageru…” – It’s for you, Shirakawa said, pointing at a panda faced cushion. That line alone picked Iinuma up from the deepest pit of depression. But apparently, even kindness wasn’t free and in addition to the 3 million yen debt, Iinuma also owed Shirakawa 600yen for the tea. While the poor boy was pouring his heart out to Shirakawa, a scary yakuza-looking man named Ritsu appeared behind Shirakawa. Scared shitless, he somehow managed to bump his head and fainted right there.

Waking up the next day, he realised just how suspicious Shirakawa really is. Seriously, a set of samurai swords in the room? Whispering neighbours who were too afraid to even look at the shop? Shady looking men going into the shop almost every day?!


Regardless of the tea shop owner’s shady background, Iinuma was grateful for Shirakawa’s help and ended up working for him in the tea shop, as a way to reply his debt.


This story is about two broken hearts coming together to heal each other’s wounds and maybe, finding happiness with each other. One thing I’m really happy about this manga is that the humour is really well integrated; you don’t really find it awkward with all the heavy subplots in the story.

Iinuma wears his emotions on his sleeves. He cries a lot too, no matter if he’s happy or sad. He doesn’t really give a damn about what people thinks about him or Shirakawa. But eventually his kind and warm wins the heart of others.


Shirakawa bottles everything inside of him. Sometimes I find it painful to look at him. Obviously he’s the character in the story with some mysterious past but you can guess what happened to him with some of the flashback. Lets just say his greatest nightmare isn’t really such a bad demon after all.

Maki Ebishi’s art is a little sketchy and unique in a way that her outline isn’t as thin and neat as usual mangaka’s art style but not so thick like Minazuki Akira. Speaking of which, Maki Ebishis art also uses minimal screentones and draws black and white shapes for tones instead.


Her art style is simply beautiful and marvelous! Her boys looked pretty and her older men are hot, apparent with the way Ritsu’s drawn. Ritsu’s one hot man with scar and facial hair!

And sex? Well, this picture is all you’ll get for these two boys.

If you like Maki Ebishi’s art, you can try her shoujo title, Doll Star. But sadly, the story doesn’t really cut out for me.


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