Pretty Covers and Tear Jerkers

Well, Mr Playboy Genji is know for being a flamboyant cassanova, but I just can’t seem to get enough of reading manga adapation or spin offs that’s based of Genji Monogatari (Tales of Genji). I’ve mentioned about Miyagi Tooko‘s version months ago, but I’m so happy that the cover is so beautiful. I’ve yet to read the manga, but it’s sitting in my cart right now.

Some pretty colour page which I won’t be getting with the tankoubon version. Unless Kadokawa starts printing their colour page too… Hm… This is a little against the norms during Heian period but Genji has fringe!

Another Genji Monogatari book that’s going into my cart. This time it’s a BL anthology, I can’t wait to read it, even though this is published under B’s-lovely (b’s-log’s BL label). The cover’s drawn by Matsumoto Temari but she isn’t one of the featured artist inside. What a pity…

I just saw Hoshi Mamoru Inu’s movie trailer after reading the sequel, Zoku Hoshi Mamoru Inu. I bet I’m going to cry buckets of tears with this movie. They’ve added quite a lot of scenes to the movie too and a lot more key characters that weren’t in the manga at all. The movie looks really beautiful though, and the dogs are so bloody cute! One thing though, the trailer really shows everything there is in the story. So, before you click play, be prepared to be spoiled. And another note, Hirai Ken’s singing the main theme song for the movie too!

Back to pretty covers, Canna vol 15’s cover looks so pretty! I’m already getting this just for Interval Zero and Junketsu Drop. Having Kitakami Ren on the cover’s a plus! Sadly sensei’s not featured in the anthology…

Finally, ME GOTS TUMBLR! It still kills my connection to load the page, but now I can spam BL pictures without having to think of writing a long post! :’D And I don’t have to hold back on more… hardcore stuff now. My little porn haven~


2 thoughts on “Pretty Covers and Tear Jerkers

  1. ogosh, the Hoshi Mamoru Inu's movie trailer brought tears to my eyes. TwTI always cry buckets watching shows with dogs, and especially when an ossan is involved.and oh yes~ they Genji Monogatari cover is beautiful! Gotta love men in Kimono and Sokutai!~mayu

  2. Mayuuuuu! Did you read the manga yet? I cried reading it, so did my bf. ;A; If you're a dog lover, this book is for you! And yesh, ossan made it even worse. :'D Does men in Japan wear Kimono anymore?

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