Minazuki Akira Pretties for ETB

ETB, if you’re desperate enough to read more Minazuki Akira‘s work, you can get it via iHertz, it’s a sister “anthology” for Hertz that’s only available on mobiles and PC. It’s not very user friendly though, you have to buy from papy to read it. So far, I still can’t find the link to pay just to read this chapter D8! Samenai Yamai can be found in the iHertz 2 and iHertz 5 which is not out yet. :D

Chil-chil also has information on her latest Lynx tankoubon, Shiranu wa Omae Bakari. It’s only available to be on sale on the 23rd of July. I wish time moves faster now. Quite a lot of good manga out during July.

Finally, chil-chil interviewed Minazuki Akira and posted an entry of it a few days ago! Mostly talks about sensei’s thoughts on her first two tankoubon, Konya wa Take-out nite and Kono Yoro no Subete. Chil-chil’s editor knows what to ask :’D

Interview: http://www.chil-chil.net/budAuthor/seq/19/


2 thoughts on “Minazuki Akira Pretties for ETB

  1. IJWEFIJWFIJWIFJSOEFK <33333333333333

    I love everyone who shares Mina stuffs. SHE'S SO AWESOME. Her art's becoming ten times even more refined than it already was which is just epic. <3

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