Syrup [Bitter] ~ Male Crossdressing Anthology

The main theme for Syrup [Bitter] is “us in skirts and white shirts”. The anthology features a lot of artist with vastly diverse style. Reading this anthology is like a roller coaster of emotions. Some of the story touches on the trial and turbulent of males who faces decimation for cross dressing, some does it just so the person he loves will at least look at them, others just does it for the hell of it.

The cover’s illustrated by Kumota Haruko and sensei threw this really cute note. But, I wish her man’s a little more… well mannered. Show us your chest damn it!

The length for each story is rather short, roughly around 6 to 18 pages, sometimes it’ll hit the 25 page mark. So, rather than to write a summary which will spoil the anthology for everybody, here are some snippets for those who are curious. :D


Kojima Lalako – Afuretara Saigo


Nimoda Ai – Idol Jyunan


Futagawa Waka – Jyaaji ga Ii


Taki – Kimi e no Dakaisaku


Aoyama Toomi – Rensou Hyouhon


Yukimura – Uratoori no Hime


Shinomiya Shino – Boyfriend


Yoshiike Masuko – Sanki Otoko


袴田なつき (Koda Natsuki?) – Boku no Otoko no Ko-chan


Yoshida Yuuko – Himitsu


Matsushita Kikku – Oosaka no Kuma-san


Suzukura Hal – Sora Iro Hito Koi


Mayada Toriko – Narazu Mono no Naifu


Tateno Tooko – Konna Kanji de Hajimarimasu


Aya Misaki (Or is it Ayami Saki, Ayamisaki?!) – Spell on Frill


Mito Hitomi – Dare ga Uso da to Ittekure!


Yamanaka Satono – Decode Library

This book is a nice little treasure that leaves me feeling sorry for some of the characters at one point and at another I’d be rolling off my chair with laughter. Shu, to answer your question on whether to get the book or not? OF COURSE! :D!


2 thoughts on “Syrup [Bitter] ~ Male Crossdressing Anthology

  1. Thanks for doing this, cheezy ♥Next time I order something I'm getting them both♥That Oosaka no Kuma-san one is cuuuuute :D

  2. o/ Woot! Both! I still haven't gotten the chance to get the other one. OTL Maybe it's your chance to tease me now… <3

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