Yami no Matsuei's Extra!

You know, I’m pretty much desperate for anything from Matsushita Yoko that this gets a post on its own. New special extra from Yami no Matuei. As you can see the drawing from the card show that sensei’s art style changed quire a lot from 2006. And I thought Oriya’s extra was different… From rumours that’s been floating around, it’s not a continuation of Hisoka daddy rape or the Shikigami’s arc. :(

Anyway, time for celebration! The chapter will be out on the 25th of June, for Hana to Yume’s August issue.

Source: Natalie


3 thoughts on “Yami no Matsuei's Extra!

  1. Woah, what a drastic change in art!! I almost had to double check whether I was reading the series name wrong XDBut shame on no more Hisoka daddy tentacle rape D':

  2. ;A; Yeah, I haven't seen the real drawing yet, raws have yet to surface, but I'm hoping, for the love to all YnM that it's decent.:( Well, the continuing volume stopped showing tentacle rape anyway. *pokes vol 12*

  3. I read it and someone told me that this is a fake chapter 0_0 is that true? also what is going on with yami no matsuei ? has it finally been dropped?

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