New Chapters Up On Rutile Sweet

Rutile just updated their free online manga reader, Rutile Sweet with a oneshot from Mitsuba Jyuri and new chapter from Ishida Ikue. Just click on the blue box saying “読む” to read the chapter.


Living Territory by Mitsuba Jyuri. Suzushiro lost his home one day when his apartment got burned down. To help him with temporary living arrangements, Suzushiro’s senior at work asked for the help of an acquaintance at work. How will it be living with an unsocial guy like Kurihara?


Binan ni Rokudenashi by Ishida Ikue. There are two more oneshot in the page as well, first one’s 15 Sai and Syumi no Mondai.

Anyone seen the new covers for Abe Miyuki‘s Hakkenden series yet? They’re being reprinted by Kadokawa’s Asuka. First two volumes came out earlier this month, and I’ve only manage to get a glimpse at them today. They’re so pretty! I hope sensei will continue the series soon!


Another cover spotlight on Hagio Moto‘s tankoubon, Isshun to Eien to. It’s so cute!! Sensei’s well known for her shoujo and josei work, but I’m willing to bet some fujoshi out there will know her classic shounen ai/shoujo work, Poe no Ichizoku. They are a work of art and I guess a lot of mangaka nowadays are influenced by her, at least it seems that way to me.


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