After a Bowl of Bay Leaf Tomato Soup…

Finally got the net set up in my new place thank you Comcast for being so “punctual. I wanted to post these up before I leave but sadly the move was rather sudden.

Yukimura has a new series running in Enterbrain’s Air Raid called Tamuramaro-san or is it Tamura Maro-san?! According to Yukimura’s post, the setting’s somewhere around Asuka to the end of Nara period when Japan’s still rather influenced by China. True to most of Yukimura’s work, this new one is rather… gag-ish.


Seems like Gateau’s also in a reprinting spree. Next up is a reprint of Fuji Tamaki‘s BL title, Anatomia. The cover on the left belongs to Craft (old) and Gateau’s reprint is on the right. D: Now which version should I get? I’ve read most of Fuji Tamaki’s BL works but never reallyowned them, I’ve only bought sensei’s shoujo and josei works, they’re all so pretty! Maybe I’ll get this one since the cover’s so pretty! Simple minded OTL


First up, Sayoko‘s new tankoubon from Craft, Kuuchuu Houyou. There are more previews over at Craft‘s website. Just look for the orange 先読み.


From Citron, Momoka‘s Haru no Yuki.


Kusama Sakae‘s Ousama no Bed. Speaking of Kusama Sakae, anybody read sensei’s josei work, Sayonara Caravan? The cover looked rather interesting.


Another book from Libre, Miyoshi Ayato‘s Yuuhi ni Fureru Sono Mae ni. Miyoshi Ayato’s been drawing doujinshi, so this is her first original manga. More of her lovely artworks on pixiv or her website.


Next manga title I’m a little confused on how to read it since I’ve only read the manga in Chinese. SO I’m guessing it should be read as Hakuyou Ayakashigatari by Ichijou Lemon. The story’s a mix of fantasy and historical genre. Funny thing about this manga is that one of the main character (silver hair uke) lives off life essence. So the way he eats is through sex, or for most parts just kissing someone till they faint.


Enjin Yamimaru‘s Voice or Noise volume 4! I’d be getting this just for the pretty art. Seriously, as much as I like Enjin Yamimaru’s drawing and art style, I wish sensei’s work has more… engaging plot. I’m still debating whether I should get the novel Nijuu Rasen since Yoshihara Reiko (author of Ai no Kusabi) is the author of the novel, but reading some of the summaries of the book, I’m rather put off by the amount of angst, melodrama more like family drama though, endless MC torture and… incest. O.O Please tell me that’s not the main plot!


3 thoughts on “After a Bowl of Bay Leaf Tomato Soup…

  1. I personally prefer the older Craft version for some reason XDDDGlad to hear the majority of your move was sort of smooth…? XD

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