These Can't Be The Same Dude

Meet Ren from Skip Beat, the poor guy with no nipples and head smaller than average humanoids.


Then, meet his counterpart Ren.

Clearly there’s something wrong here, why doesn’t Ren have nipples?! I guess showing off nipple’s too obscene for shoujo manga’s demographics. I don’t know, if these card illustration weren’t label with the character name, I wouldn’t even know they’re supposed to be the same character or the same mangaka who drew them.

And no, I don’t read Skip Beat anymore. Kuki, I’m sorely tempted to add 2 pink nipples on him!!


5 thoughts on “These Can't Be The Same Dude

  1. … WTHATWTF GOOGLE! D8< I just want to post a damn comment, not sign up for blogger!Anyways, go ahead and draw those two pink nipples, chez-kun. ;D It might actually make him look better. He's really the same dude though, trust me. O.O

  2. Maybe this guy has some kind of messed up gene that makes him not have nipples? 8D Or maybe they're too traumatizing to draw. O_O Like… what if they're deformed?! D8 Mr. Perfect can't always be perfect, right? 8D

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