Renai Kidou by Hino Garasu

A short teaser today, since I’m rushing to go out to watch X-Men again. But I must get these feelings I got reading Renai Kidou by Hino Garasu out of me before all the Mcfassy spazzing gets to me.

There are 3 stories in this tanks. First story, the one I want to talk about in depth, is about how two gay guys finally found love with each other even after dragging hiding their feelings for each other after meeting each other for a year. This story’s just fluffy and sex. Not much of bittersweet angst or mellow drama that’s quite evident in most of Hino Garasu’s works. Though, the seme did have to protect his uke from getting hurt by the uke’s mean ex.

The second one is about another gay guy who had sex with his very not-so-straight friend. Faking the fact that the uke’s used to whoring his ass off like that, they tried to act as if everything’s still normal. But really, once you’ve a taste of a man, there’s not turning back, is there?

Third one is just so… weird. That’s the only way I can describe it. A younger brother lust for his elder brother who has a “friend” and that same friend finding out the younger brother’s deepest, darkest desire for his aniki. The story just ends like that though…


ANYWAY, onward with the real reason why I’m actually recommending this book. There is one whole chapter (and a previous one) dedicated to just sweet, fluffy, beautiful and somewhat hot sex which just seemed to want to drag on forever. I’ve counted. There’re 23 pages of continuous sex, minus the chapter cover too. I won’t call this porn because it’s too pretty to be one, and it’s censored of course. :D

 It starts from ending of chapter 2, where they’re getting into the mood.


 And some fingering with the uke commenting about how gentle the seme’s being…


Just when you thought it’s ending soon ’cause the page on the right is where BL manga’s sex usually ends at. But no, there are more! A whole lot of them /o/


BUT, everything good has to end sooner or later… D: But it does seem like they’re going to continue some more. I bet the editor told the mangaka to stop writing so much sex and left us hanging there at the end. 23 pages is a lot though…

Now you see why I just HAD to tease you guys with this before I leave, right? *runs out of the house!*


3 thoughts on “Renai Kidou by Hino Garasu

  1. MCFASSSSSYYYYYYYYY!!!! V VGod, I want to watch the movie again, SO BAD.But holy crud. 23 pages of sex DDD: That's a lot-a lot. Also I loled quite hard at 'once u've got a taste of men, there's no turning back' XDDDD

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