Drama CD For Adekan

Wohoo! Drama CD for Adekan announced in August’s issue of Wings which came out on the 28th of June. I wonder who they’ll get to voice over the characters? :’D

On another note, Shu shared Gene Summit’s scans with me and I’ve got to say, I’m disappointed. ;A; Each illustrator gets only 2 pages each and they’re all double page spreads in a tiny booklet attached to the magazine. That means, 8 illustrators, 8 illustrations for 490yen, not including shipping. I’m ignoring the fact that I bought Comic Gene. D: I’ll rip mine when I get it.


3 thoughts on “Drama CD For Adekan

  1. Even though i wont understand 95% of what they are saying, I am still excited, ubber excited!! :DThough really much shame over disappointing illustrations DDD:

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