ITAN Tanks' Covers

O.M.G. ITAN finally prints their first batch of tankoubon this month!! I’ve been waiting to read and buy Kumota Haruko‘s Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjyuu. But what I’m really looking forward to are next month’s tanks! Aida Kaoru‘s Baiou Ryouran ~Choushuu Bakumatsu Kyousoukyoku~ and Aniya Yuiji‘s Tempest!


Kumota Haruko‘s Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjyuu vol 01. I’ve been waiting for this since it was first published in ITAN. Rakugo, if you’re too lazy to read wikipedia, is a form of entertainment where one lone storyteller sits on the stage with his fan and a zabuton (aka cushion), telling stories and taking on all the roles in it. :( I wanted to experience a rakugo performance in Osaka last year, but I guess nobody else will appreciate it other than me, even though I won’t get half the things the guy’s spewing. It’ll be an interesting experience.


I hope and pray that they include some of the pretty pages they’ve printed in ITAN’s anthology for Chijyou wa Pocket no Naka no Niwa by Tanaka Ai.


Azatsukai by Konami Shouko, or she liked to call herself as Conami Shoko. :D It’s been a long time since I’ve ready anything by Konami Shouko and I doubt I’ve ever read her shoujo work before. Still don’t know whether it’ll be worth it to get this one.


So far Bikke‘s works doesn’t really cut out for me. Either it’s too dry or it’s just so boring I gave up reading after a few chapters. I’ll just wait for the raws to see whether it’s worth getting Aka no Sekai.


Aida Kaoru‘s Baiou Ryouran ~Choushuu Bakumatsu Kyousoukyoku~Aida Kaoru had published a BL tank under POE BACKS Baby, called Rasen no Sobyou, which is also another historical drama manga, only this time, it’s BL!

I can hear my pocket crying already but lucky for me, I’ve banned myself from buying manga till the end of the year. I still can’t find a way to ship my lovely BL back to Malaysia without having the custom being all stupid and detaining all my books. Sometimes I wish they would just grow up and stop being such uptight asses. It’s not like I kill people with BL or anything…

Anyway, more updates just check ITAN’s page here:


Almost forgot, Yoshida Sensha designed that for iphone covers. How I wish I have an iphone now. D8!!


9 thoughts on “ITAN Tanks' Covers

  1. You aren't alone! I am really interested in Rakugo too, just never knew what it was really called XD That aside, tank looks gorgeous *u*And I nnghhed at that historical BL manga!~ It looks beautiful : DI am too far in my mcfassy hole to notice anything else, thank you for bringing me a dose of BL XDDD

  2. Omg, is it possible to find the Rakugo manga in Chinese? I doubt I can understand much in Japanese even though I'm planning to buy the book. It's crazy! LOL *pats Mcfassy fanatic*. :D Someone linked me this awesome 3P Mcfassy fanfic on twitter. D: 2 Charles on 1 poor Erik (the seme). /o/~

  3. :< It's been a while since I've visited your blogger. I missed out on so much! And you even know about Itan's published tank before I do too! I wanna see [nagi] out. :0 ;x

  4. *pats* /o/ Just put my blog into your google reader or something. o/ Can't wait for more ITAN tanks to come out too!!

  5. *adds to reader*keep missing your entries D:even though there's a lot of pornnn~Itan~ that bikke cover is pretty though~

  6. Maybe, possibly but it would be quite hard, I think DD: Even if I don't understand, I think buying it for the cover art is enough!! XDOMG, serious??! XDD 2 charles on 1 seme!erik, it must be hard on him (I actually giggled out loud at my own use of the word 'hard'… I am hopeless!!) > >

  7. Are you serious about the Malaysian custom? You mean they will open your package and check? Like really check the pages and all? =.=

  8. :D Yeap, even Aarin's stuff got detained and some of my friends parcels were opened when they got the box. Unless you're using EMS or couriers that kindly include custom tax for you. They're getting more er… hardworking nowadays too. So another friend of mine actually shipped her stuff to Singapore. :'D

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