Kimi to Parade by Kojima Lalako

I’m pretty sure if you’re on BL blogging sphere long enough you’ll see the name Kojima Lalako popping out here and there every once in a while. But just who the hell is she, and why is everybody spazzing about her?! Just check her website, twitter and tumblr and it practically tells you everything. I can only summarise both Kojima Lalako and her work with one word, or maybe two. FUCKING ADORABLE!

Tumblr: (;A; I can’t follow her with my copyright infringing blog but at least google reader works fine with tumblr feeds)
Pixiv: (Omg, please look at her Magi fanart!)

Frankly, I’m the type who buys shit loads of books and not read them until months later. Sadly even after spazzing about Kojima Lalako for so long, I didn’t read this book as soon as I got it. I did, however, read her other book, Neko no Yomeiri, when I first opened my parcel which in my humble opinion, pales in comparison to Kimi to Parade. Hence you’re getting this spazz worthy post from me.


Story starts with Kikuchi (megane) waking up to a message from his ex-girlfriend telling him that she’s seeing someone else. Feeling all crappy and not really depressed, he went to work (seems like he’s working in a tuition center part time) only to meet with the bane of his existence, his unknown future spouse, the boyfriend of his friend from university and not forgetting, his student, Akaboshi.

Akaboshi’s a good kid. Really. He’s serious, aloof, studious and absolutely the epitome example of a poker face. But in front of his bastard boyfriend, Sera, he turns into a blushing monster who practically shows off all the happiness he’s feeling to the world.

Of course Kikuchi unknowingly met Akaboshi (by then he already knew him as his student) when Sera introduced them, but he never would have thought Sera would be dating his student.

Anyway shit happens. But that’s when the story really starts to get interestingly… mushy. I’ve been debating whether or not to include this into the summary, but meh, what the heck. Sera ended up realising that he can’t date boys at all and Akaboshi found out about it the harshest way possible, by meeting Sera with his new girlfriend whom he’s trying to introduce to Kikuchi in the university…

Besides having long distance relationship (star crossed lovers anybody?) later on, broken promises and crying seme yearning for his uke, Kimi to Parade will leave you gushing and wanting for more steamy stuff to happen.

My first honest impression of Kimi to Parade is that this would make one really cliché but cute hetero drama. Really! The scenes in Kimi to Parade are just so breathtakingly beautiful. I can really picture this as a live action drama and it’ll work.

The dialogues are well executed, despite most of the plot being really cliché. Sure we have really mushy lines just like Nakamura Shungiku’s way with words, but gosh, the cuteness of this story really makes up for everything that could have gone bad.

On one hand, it seems that Akaboshi and Kikuchi got together really quickly after both of them being dumped. But then again, I guess the wounded ends up healing each other and in Kikuchi’s case, he starts falling for Akaboshi’s cuteness which nobody sane enough could resist. Akaboshi is a very cute tsundere too. Can you imagine working hard to get number one for a national test just to show your appreciation to someone who’s been kind to you who has other ulterior motives?

Sadly the only sex worthy scene we’re going to get is when Akaboshi got totally smashed and started talking dirty to Kikuchi when he got home. He went down on his knees and gave Kikuchi the blowjob of his life. I know you can do better than this, Kojima-sensei!

LOL, yesh Kikuchi, your pride as a seme’s been broken. Or, is Akaboshi the real seme in this case? He’s happily munching on his treat!


3 thoughts on “Kimi to Parade by Kojima Lalako

  1. Oh man, seme pride is wholeheartedly broken with the rate uke-chan is munching on his jizz… D:Kojima Lalako is really getting popular these days, I seem to see her practically everywhere!! XDDD

  2. LOL, I know right. I've been trying not to er, review her work 'cause it's everywhere. But meh, this uke munching on his seme sperm panel totally made me do it. Oups, shouldn't have said that. *runs* Anyway, they never actually did say who's topping who in the relationship because we never get to see them have sex. SO ITS STILL POSSIBLE for Akaboshi to be the seme. I'm rooting for that one!

  3. Ooooo!! Juicy~ I wouldn't mind unexpected topping XDDD At least it would be more original and less cliche? XDDD

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