Little Updates While TF2-ing

If you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately, blame Shu and Kinky. First Shu got me into Left 4 Dead 2 and then Kinky pulled me into Team Fortress 2. TF2 totally screwed up my sleep schedule. Now I’m sleeping at 8am in the morning everyday. Got to stop playing like a normal person and go back to my fujoshi self. Anyway, this is going to be an image heavy post since I’m combining some of the draft post I’ve left hanging for weeks. :’D

Hakusensha is finally branching out! On the 28th of July, there’ll be a new BL anthology called Hanamaru Manga. I’m glad the lineup of mangaka in there aren’t some that I stalk viciously. So for now, I’ll just pass on this lovely anthology even though volume one’s cover by Ogura Muku has sunflowers in it! In Hanamaru Manga’s site, if you hover over the image previews, you’ll get the summary of the manga.

Lineup of mangaka in Volume 01: 
Honma Akira
Yamato Nase
Nishida Higashi
Miyamoto Kana
Okadaya Tetsuzou
Koiwazurai Shibito
Habuyama Hebiko
Hirakita Yuya
Itsuki Mako
Aoyama Toomi
Itou Yamato
Kasai Waka


Now, onward to pretty manga and novel covers coming out this month. First up is Minazuki Akira‘s third tankoubon, Shiranu wa Omae Bakari. This time it’s on Lynx! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I guess I’ll have to un-ban myself from purchasing manga just to get this book. The cover’s just so sexy! ETB, if you’re interested to pick up this title, please tell me so I’ll get another copy to rip.


More from Lynx. From the left Boku wa Retsukou ni Mi wo Kogasu by Uekawa Kichi, Oki ni Mesu Mama by Takaoka Motonari and Tadashii Inu no Shitsuke Kata by Momoi John.


Gush’s books are always so different from one another. I still can’t find a way to catagorise books from Gush, there’s just no set er… style to the manga Gush has, unlike Ciel and Lynx. Guess that’s a good thing? Books I’ll probably getting is Komori no Mori by Kuroki Enuko, S na Kimi (just for the title XD) by Kamuro Koreaki and My Honey! by Kuwabara Yuuko.


Kinky showed me this book the other day, Mezawari na Otoko by Mizuno Naiki. It looks interesting, now time to hunt down the raws for this, or Chinese scans. :D


Time for some spiffy novel covers! From the left we have Takamine Aisu and Honami Yukine‘s Dekiai Keigo, Osamurai, Hiroimashita by Takao Riichi and Akira Horikazu, Saredo Goshujin-sama by Fushino Michiru and Unohana


Novels From left, Soushisouai no Natsuyasumi by Aio Yuu and Nue (who draws so many pretty novel covers), Bara Koushaku to Roujiura no Mitsubachi by Nanba Raken and Kanai Kei and  Hoshi wo Oyogu Sakana by Asao Kamodoru and Kasai Rikako.


The thing that drew me into the cover of Chinkami by Nagai Saburou was the four bishies there. But, looking closely at the footnotes beside the character, I just can’t stop laughing my head off. First of Chinkami can be literary translated to rare god, so obviously they’re gods, but what type? From the right we have the God of Poverty, God of Toilet, God of Disease and finally the most normal of all, God of Death. The book’s published under Poe Backs, but I don’t know whether it’s BL or not. Regardless, I’m getting this!


Hanaoto has some really pretty manga out this month. On the left is Uchida Tsuchi‘s Barairo Melancholy and on the right, Konjiki Runa‘s Yawaraka na Yuuutsu. I’m wondering if the teal sweater guy in Barairo Melancholy’s underage, underfed when he was a kid or the red shirt guy’s just so damn tall. He’s just so short! I love the colours used for both covers though and it doesn’t help that Yawaraka na Yuuutsu’s two boys are blushing so beautifully.


Omg, Mochimeko‘s Yasashii Epilogue cover’s so bloody cute! Well, all Mochimeko’s overs are so fucking cute. Koisuru Barairo Tenchou was such a torturous book though… because of the amount of text in there and someone had me check their script for chapter 1.


Sonna Kimochi ga Koi Datta by Takaku Shouko is such an old title, first came out back in 2005. The title’s already half scanlated by Memory For You, I wonder if anybody will finish the whole book now that the tank’s out?

To end the post, here’s the final volume of Ze, volume 11! Hopefully there’s an extra in there with happy ending for the guys in the cover completely forgot their names by now OTL I’m so fail.


5 thoughts on “Little Updates While TF2-ing

  1. SO MUCH COVER ART *U*Oh lol, you fell into a gaming ditch! XD Why are there so many distractions (obsessions) that are taking us away from our fujoshi-ness!! DD:PS: I really want chinkami too… XDDD

  2. Aw, you're my only mcfassy connection too, so don't stop spazzing!PS: :'D I really AM hoping it'll be BL since its published under poebacks, but if it is… :'D

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