Equus by Est Em

Before I move on, I just want to say I’m not into bestiality, all right? The only reason why I wanted to get est em‘s Equus was because of the horseman aka centaur sex. Sue me for being a simple minded fool. Amazon has pretty good reviews for the book as well, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt much to buy it.

My first impression of the book was sadly, the lack of centaur sex, d’AW!

The cover of the book is gorgeous! I love the textured paper they used to print the cover on, even though once I wrap the book I won’t be able to feel the texture anymore… My scanner really doesn’t do the cover justice. The title, flowery decorations and frame in the middle’s embossed with gold ink. Even though the chapter separators are rather plain but they suit est em’s artstyle and the whole theme for the book.


There are about 8 chapters in the book with 6 main stories, catering to different themes, timeline and even breed of horses. I didn’t know centaurs have breeds until I read the book.

The first two story, Dun Black and Chestnut were rather blah, so I won’t talk about it.

The third story however, is pure gold! Just what I was looking for. Black and White is about a man who got lost in the middle of a forest, got thrown off his horse, met two centaurs making out, got caught peeping and ended up having some threesome sex with them! :D Need I say more? *points at pictures*

I love Leopard for the sheep (in plural form) so I have to say this is my favourite chapter of all. It’s about the quiet, mundane life of a young human boy and a leopard spotted skin centaur that was disrupted by the arrival of another centaur who was in the army. The boy found out the Mr. Leopard used to be in the army and he had to go back to help win some war. The story mainly focus about the interaction of the boy and Mr Leopard before the centaur had to leave.

Gray is such a gorgeous chapter to read. This time the premise happened back during Japan’s warring periods, but it’s alternate universe of course. Even though there really isn’t any BL hints in there, the action sequences makes up for it. Horsemen + archery + history. What more can I ask for?

Last story has 3 chapters on its own. Even though it has BDSM, but the story’s rather depressing. The main character doesn’t really end up with his centaur due to various reasons but I guess the centaur kinda… kinda? love him enough to visit him at his deathbed. *Sniff*

Overall, Equus is an okay book if you’re someone with some weird interest and an open mind. I don’t know, maybe normal people who aren’t into horsemen sex wouldn’t enjoy it. Or maybe if they’re only looking for sex they would be sorely disappointed too? Nonetheless, the art is too pretty for me to resist purchasing and the stories in there are surprisingly engaging. I felt that the simplicity of the stories actually gave them more depth?


4 thoughts on “Equus by Est Em

  1. Oh LOL, its outrageous that your first impression of this book was the lack of centaur sex??! XDDDI heard a lot of good reviews for this book so even if it caters to the more strange taste in BL, I would love to read it when I get my hands on one! XDDDAnd I guess normal men just doesnt do it for fangirls anymore, we now need… centaur sex?? OOTL

  2. o/ I was hoping it'll be filled with sex. :'D But I should have known better. Nothing in onBlue's really explicit anyway. Blegh!There's bound to be chinese scans, right? D: I hope?LOL!!! It's just me, I guess? Or you're also interested in centaur sex as well?

  3. I thought it would be filled with sex, I mean it does have male centaurs pprancing around with no shirts OTLHmm, probably, I haven't checked around for it. It is still mcfassy for me. DD:Aha! Centaur sex is a little tempting if I must say XDDD

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