First Impression: Kachou Fuugetsu by Shimizu Yuki

O0O!!! Shimizu Yuki‘s new work, Kachou Fuugetsu at least this is the title according to the scan uploader :’D! First impression? The main character fell for the dashing casanova doctor too quickly! That said, there must be something more going on beneath the first chapter, right? Right?!

Our main character moved wanted to move out to someplace closer to the city once his mother remarried. Coincidentally, his grandfather who passed away had a house somewhere in the middle of nowhere and he borrowed the place instead. The house was so dilapidated and infested with bugs that he couldn’t stay there without cleaning the place.

The irony is, he’s afraid of bugs-

-which caused him to run out of the house in all his naked glory into the arms of our perverted doctor. :D

Shimizu Yuki introduced about 4 main characters in this chapter. Other than our MC and the doctor, there’s also this man who just can’t stop smiling and being cherry. Absolutely different impression from what I first expected. :’D

And the caretaker of the MC’s house who’s such a pretty boy.

Anyway, I thought the MC fell for the doctor too quickly. Blah! I still don’t know where the story’s heading to, but seems like it’ll have lighter story than Love Mode or Ze. Can’t wait to see what chapter 2 will bring us!


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