Buying Japanese Books, Manga, Mags with bk1 – Part 1

Woah! I haven’t been posting here in months. Missed me? I blame this and this. I’m still trying to get used to the new blogger interface. I guess it’s now “less is more”. I should be getting back to my usual blogging session now that I’ve finally reached the latest episode for the game I’m playing.

Here’s a side article to my previous post on how to save while buying manga. I’ve gotten quite a lot of response from people shying away from using bk1 to purchase manga because of the not-so-friendly Japanese only interface. So, here’s a little something from my experience of buying from bk1 that I hope can help potential manga buyers have more options when buying manga online. :)

In case anybody doesn’t know what bk1 is, it’s an online Japanese bookstore that ships within Japan as well as overseas. I’m splitting the post up because it’s too tl;dr even for me.


※ bk1 offers different shipping methods. (EMS, Fedex for people in North America, SAL, Air, Sea)
※ Allows you to have your parcel sent in 1 shipment or multiple shipments. Haven’t tried the latter option yet but I’m afraid you’ll be charged for shipping separately as well.
※ No handling fees.
※ Rewards buyers with points for purchases.
※ Every month, bk1 will give users coupons twice, from 300yen to 500yen.
※ Japanese interface may actually throw people off.
※ Communication between bk1 staff and buyer in Japanese if there’s any problem or change to the order.
※ May cancel order once bk1 couldn’t find the book in 2 months (happened once to me).
※ Need to pre-order new books ASAP or we’d have to wait for a month for restock.

Part 01-Register

The top right corner of bk1 website is all you need to register and get into your account.


1. Click on 会員登録 (at the top most right).

2. If you’re prompted to this colourful page, just ignore everything and click on the yellow bar you see in the example below.

3. Finally, the registering page. The first tl;dr wall of Japanese is just the terms and conditions of bk1 and users privacy policies. Pretty safe. :) When you’re done “reading”, just scroll down the page and start inputting your personal information.

4. There are 4 sections in the bk1 registering page. First is customer information.

※ First tab asks for your email address which you’ll use to login to your account

※ Second tab asks you to repeat your email to confirm the address

※ Third is your password. It must be more than 4 English letters (lol, no あいうえお) and numbers. Ignore my failed scribble for the password in the image OTL.

※ Fourth tab asks you to repeat your password again to confirm.

The second section (国内) is for users within Japan only. If you’re living abroad (which I think most people reading this are), just ignore it and go to the third section.

5. On the third section that says 海外, click on the tab to have it selected. Everything here’s in English so I won’t go over it. Fill in every part though. Oh, when filling in phone number, please write your country code in as well.

6. Last section of the page asks for your birthday and gender.

For birthday, the order is year > month > date.

For gender, 男(otoko) means male while 女(onna)means female.

7. When you’re done, click on confirm registration which is the button illustrated below.

You also have the option to receive email from bk1 or not. My suggestion is to keep both options checked so you’ll get monthly bk1 coupon going into your email. :)

8. If there’s an error with the customer information page, the website will highlight the points in red. If there isn’t and it still prompted you to the same page, just click the button in point 7 again.

9. After that, you’ll be prompted to a page to finalise your information. You can still change your address or phone at a later date but most important is your email address, password and full name.

If you have to change some information, hit 戻る(aka back).

Once everything’s confirmed, 同意して登録する is the button you need to click to confirm registration.

10. And we’re done. :)


If there’s any problem, please feel free to shoot me an email. :)

Part 01 – Register
Part 02 – Login and User Account
Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy
Part 03b – Purchasing: Shopping


10 thoughts on “Buying Japanese Books, Manga, Mags with bk1 – Part 1

  1. XD Yeah! I shall be blogger!perv!cheezy now :D! Gonna check my backlog of rss feeds now OTL Be prepared for spammy comments from me :D

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  3. Hello :DDD! I’m new to your blog (just found your Tumblr today) and I find it AWESOME 8DDDDDD!! Thank you for making funny and interesting posts, as well as useful ones :D!
    btw I have a question, is there a limit on how long the 300 yen you get for opening an account on BK1 lasts?

    • XD Thanks for the wonderful comment. :D

      Yeah, there’s a limit to the coupon. Usually it only last half a month but BK1 will send us another coupon once the previous coupon expires. So it’s like… you get the 300yen discount all the time? Sometimes if they’re generous enough they’ll give 1000yen coupon too. :’D

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  6. Hello cheezy~! This is Euryx from Twitter/LJ! ^_^
    Did they sort of change the Hajimete page? Because I didn’t see the yellow bar. Instead, they have the plain link saying this “新規会員登録はこちらから”. I’m not sure but it says new customers right? ^^;; Anyway I’m posting because I thought some people might get confused or something. It’s not that major though. ^^;; Sorry for bothering you if you’ve already noticed this one. ^^;;

  7. Oh, maybe they did change the layout after I did the tutorial. The yellow bar contains the same words, so click on “新規会員登録はこちらから” (new membership registration here) to register a new account. ;D

    Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t notice it at all. *O*

  8. Thank you very much for goin to the trouble and makin all this post
    Otherwise its really hard to make it even with translator
    I will use this to register
    Thank u so much m(_ _)m

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