Shiranu wa Omae Bakari by Minazuki Akira

I had Shiranu wa Omae Bakari by Minazuki Akira scanned for Echochi, so might as well review the book since I have pretty flat images to work with. Sorry Shu, I can’t kept your life porn free :’D

My first impression of the book is that sensei’s art has improved dramatically and her men looked so pretty now. Sadly, story isn’t as unique as Kono Yoru no Subete. I can say that the plots are just typical cliché BL storylines that have been used so often. But, the book’s way better than her debut work, Konya wa Take-out nite, in my honest opinion. :)

Btw, the chapter titles are pretty funny but I can’t seem to translate it perfectly. Onward to the teaser~

Shiranu wa Omae Bakari (Chapter 1 & 2)
– Only you don’t know (a lot)? 

I’m not too sure either. But here’s the summary of both chapters:

Yoshikawa Taiki and Komiya Kazuyuki had sex once almost every week but they were neither lovers nor friends. What started off as a drunken escapade back during a university get-together, scaled into something bigger than both had imagine. During said get-together, Taiki spurred all his love problems in a drunken state and turned towards Kazuyuki. Somehow, and also due to their curiosity, they ended up having sex.

Since then, it sorta became a habit for both of them to meet up, even after they’ve graduated.

Though he wished for more, Kazuyuki felt that there was no hope for something deeper between the two of them because Taiki was straight as a ruler. For someone like Kazuyuki who knew that his sexual orientation isn’t generally accepted by society, he planned to give up and stop whatever sexual relationship he had with Taiki.

But what’s Taiki’s say in all these?

Wow, wow, and wow. As much as I’d like to say the story’s rather bland, I can’t help but to feel so much for the uke, Kazuyuki. I love the way sensei draw all the characters’ expressions. The pacing of the story’s just right and I think 2 chapters are more than enough to finish off the story nicely. And fuck, all the sex poses in there are just marvelous! Taiki makes a pretty hot looking seme too! I am very pleased with the main story. Erm, fair warning to those against non-con, don’t read the first 5 pages of chapter 2. :D



Kare no Mizoshiru 

– Only he knows?

Okay, I think my Japanese skills are getting worse. I won’t try to translate the title after this one. :D Kare no Mizoshiru’s an extra story for Shiranu wa Omae Bakari. Of course, we’re in for a lovely treat with this chapter.


Dakara Kao mo Mitakunai

– Hence you don’t even want to see my face

Oh well, I’m getting better it seems? Kataoka Takeru was bemoaning his “dreadful and unfortunate” life during a study session with his best friend Yui one day. All of a sudden, the atmosphere became really heavy and Yui confessed to him. Takeru couldn’t believe it at all and ran out of the room, hurting Yui deeply. Will this incident cause their long lasting friendship to end, just like that?

This oneshot’s already scanlated by anime-tion *shiver*. But, despite how cliche I made it sound, the oneshot’s really beautiful. That, and I have a thing with having relationship confrontation when it’s snowing.


Nanoni Te mo Furerarenai

– But you don’t even want to touch my hand 

Nanoni Te mo Furerarenai is an extra story for Dakara Kao mo Mitakunai. Can’t write the summary out without spoiling the previous story so I’ll just leave this be. :D


Otonari Kara Koi no Oto 

– Sound from next door? :D

Everything was going fine for Yukinari. Right after graduation, he found a job in an interior design firm and a new place to stay as well. Sadly, there’s only one teeny tiny problem. His next door neighbour. When he was trying to sleep at night, his neighbour, Ono would cause so much racket that he couldn’t sleep a wink. It got so bad that even his boss told him to take care of his body. Unable to stand it any longer, he went to confront his neightbour. Lo and behold, Ono wasn’t a notorious gangster after all. Wonder how both their lives will be after this meeting?

I’ll continue with part 2 of the bk1 guide tomorrow, or later. :D Got dragged to one last round of VD. Juss, why are you leaving us T^T!


7 thoughts on “Shiranu wa Omae Bakari by Minazuki Akira

  1. Love your translations!! XDDBut I am not too sure about this book. I mean the sex is glorious on the eyes but I feel like the stories have kinda given ways to that from what I can understand from the raws DD:Still: sexy sex is sex and it's not like I won't read it cuz i will most definitely read it for sure!! XD

  2. SEXEH! Yeah, I enjoyed the book 'cause of the sex. The story was meh to me as I've mentioned, but the artwork just blew me away. :D So you can just read the sex part of the raw!~ Echochi needs more porn to pull in more peeps to be our staff :DDDDD

  3. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the manga (yes very cliche) is so much prettier without the (shadow wrinkles?) lines on the face. Esp. in that other book.YAY ECHOCHI, I'll try to get a new compy and come back in the game >:O

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  5. does anyone know when this manga will be scanlated? i wanna read it in english as i don’t understand any other languages.

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