Drama, drama and More Drama

So much drama’s been happening in the scanlation manga world yesterday thanks for mangafox’s newest move. Noez has demoted the more competent staff/moderators by stripping their powers to remove manga. They even started massive uploading chapters that were taken down. Thank you so much for loving your supporters by bringing more manga to the readers. (sarcasm)

Oh, not forgetting mangaupdates had some drama as well.

My stand in all these will always be the same. Buy the manga, support the mangaka, love your scanlator, GTFO to aggressors. But this is the internet, there’s no way we can control the people when we’re the minority.

As much as I love reading about drama and what not, frankly, I’m kinda sick of scanlators bitching about it. You’re not getting into most reader’s good grace, I hope you realise that soon and just be zen. Flame me for all I care. D8<

OH, almost forgot. I’m moving my blog to wordpress soon. Thank you so much for all the kind words and support. But I’ll have to use the web hosting service I bought and not let it go to waste with only just 2 portfolio website, right? Hope to see you guys there! I’ll make a formal announcement once it’s all set up and ready to go.


9 thoughts on “Drama, drama and More Drama

  1. I ranted so much of this in the past I’m quite ashamed to do that myself. Oh well!

    Yeah, quite a recent post, but a mod herself has told me that before the announcement was made (or rather before they came out with it) so screw this.

    I’m just glad we aren’t doing popular mangaka, and yeah I’ve stopped uploading since we has an online reader. They will just know of our existence, and under their list I’m the one who has permission to upload our stuffs, heh heh heh. I do hope that list can stay in effect for as long as possible.

  2. Hey, cheezy! Glad to see that you are alive and kicking.

    I’m not sure about the whole brouhaha on the scanlation thing since I don’t really follow it , but I need to say that I agree with you. Supporting the mangaka is very important. Sometimes I don’t understand how people declare themselves as hardcore fans, but they never buy the mangas.

    PS. I like the new blog!

    • Hello~ :D Yes! Hopefully I’ll continue spamming you guys with more post. o/

      Sometimes I don’t understand how people declare themselves as hardcore fans, but they never buy the mangas.
      This! I don’t know either. Frankly, I’m also sick of them saying “but, I can never find manga for sale in my country” or “my parents will kill me if they found bl manga in my posession”. o/

      Well, love and peace. I’m ignoring comments like that when I see them now.

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. I keep forgetting you moved your blog…
    … welp I’m glad this has died down.
    People are just way too naive. In the real world people can take advantage of you anywhere so how can it be so different online? We’re sort of taking advantage of the mangka whose works we scanlate too >_>

    Anyhow! o Continue slaving until zzz~

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