Buying Japanese Books, Manga, Mags with BK1 – Part 2

I’m really sorry it took this long for me to get to part 2. Many things happened and one of the main reason is that I’ve moved my blog from blogger to wordpress. I’m pretty much satisfied with how my blog is right now but I’ll be adding some tiny little features here and there.

But enough of me, here’s the second part of my bk1 tutorial. If you haven’t gotten a login ID yet, please follow the directions in the previous post.

Part 01 – Register
Part 02 – Login and User Account
Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy
Part 03b – Purchasing: Shopping


Part 02 – Login and User Account


1. To get into your account (and to login as well), just head to the top right corner of bk1 website and click on My ビーケーワン(ログイン)

2. Once you’re prompted to this page, key in your login information as demonstrated in the example below.

First Section – Login
※ First tab: Email Address
※ Check on the square box if you want the website to keep your log in info.Once you’ve logged out, the information will no longer be saved.
※ Second tab: Password

Second Section – If you’ve forgotten your password
※ First tab: Email Address
※ Second tab: Birthday. The order from left to right: Year > Month > Date

Third Section will just bring you to the customer register page again.


User Account

1. Now that you’re in your user account page, all you need to do is to understand the sidebar.

From top to bottom (including nestle tabs)
※ あとで買う – Saved for Later/Wishlist
※ ご注文履歴 – Order History
※ デジタルコンテンツ – Digital Content
※ お客様情報の変更 – Customer Information
※ ┣住所録の変更 – Changing Address
※ ┣お支払情報の登録 – Changing Payment Info
※ ┗注文重複お知らせ機能 – Repeated Order Notification Function
※ bk1ポイント倶楽部 – bk1 Points
※ ┣ポイント確認 – Confirm Points
※ ┣ランク・特典申込 – Rank and Special Promo? Registration
※ ┗寄付・ポイント交換 – Exchanging Points
※ bk1ポイントモール – bk1 Point Mall
※ メールマガジン – Mail Magazine
※ 登録/配信停止 – Cancel Registration/Mail Magazine
※ bk1 Express
※ リマインダサービス- Reminder Service
※ ┗送信済- Sent
※ 書評投稿履歴- History of Reviewed Books

I’ll pick a few that we’ll most probably use most often to explain each section in detail. I doubt anybody would want to write a review so soon right?

あとで買う – Saved for Later/Wishlist
At the top you have these:

And scroll down to the bottom:

I’ll go into detail about the shopping cart in the next post. :)

ご注文履歴 – Order History
This is the place for you to check your ordered items, status, payment info and etc.


*Missing a few order status, will add on a later date*
入荷待ち – Waiting for Goods
入荷済 – Goods settled (meaning ordered processed)
出荷済 – Shipped
出荷中止:入荷事故 – Shipping canceled: Problems getting goods.
One more for processing order and etc

Under Order Number (column 2), you’ll get 2 sets of data. On top is the date you’ve placed your order and right below it with a bunch of numbers (exp: 29034780) is a link that will bring you to that order’s detail page.

At the top of the page:

Scroll down to the bottom:

That’s all from me today. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me at comment down below. :)

Part 01 – Register
Part 02 – Login and User Account
Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy
Part 03b – Purchasing: Shopping


17 thoughts on “Buying Japanese Books, Manga, Mags with BK1 – Part 2

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  4. Sorry to bother you a year after you made this post. Hopefully you’ll see this message.

    One of the books in my order has the status 出荷中止:入荷事故 so I’m wondering what’s going to happen to my order? Will they send the other stuff in the order? If that’s so I don’t think they mentioned when they’re going to do that in the mail they sent me… so should I be assuming that they will ship it out? And will they be letting me know soon what the shipping fee is?

    Thank you and sorry to bother you.

    • Sorry for the late reply, for some reason comment notification went into my spam mail. In case of 出荷中止:入荷事故, they’ll cancel that item and ship the rest as usual. They’ll wait for the rest of your orders to be ready before they ship everything.

      • Thank you for your reply :)

        Awww, this is terrible because the book they didn’t have was the one I really really wanted D: I kinda wanted to cancel my order after T_T

  5. Hello! I wanted to thank you for this guide =) I’m a beginner at Japanese so I wasn’t 100% sure if I was doing it right, but finally I placed an order!
    I was hesitant about placing it, but bk1 sent a notification saying it will merge with honto in May and after that new overseas customers won’t be able to register, only overseas customers who have ordered will be able to order from them after merging, really weird =/

    • You’re welcome! I hope the tutorial helped a little. I just realise the images maybe rather outdated. DX

      O.O I didn’t get any notification from bk1 regarding the merge, I wonder if it went to my spam. Does this mean BK1 doesn’t want overseas customers anymore?

      • I don’t know, I received their e-mail a week ago and I thought I wasn’t understanding at all because it sounded so weird, accepting orders from already existent overseas customers but not allowing new ones to register ó_O
        Then I googled it and found forum threads talking about the merge, they confirmed with comments of users who sent questions about overseas customers that it was true.
        Until now I saw the honto website once, but their service was only available for Japanese customers, I guess their policy will prevail then, more than a merge it seems like honto will absorb bk1 (in fact bk1 will change its name to Honto) rather than merge with it.

        • D: Ugh, great. Time to move on to another online bookstore like CDJapan or something… D; I wonder if BK1 was losing money… /WEEPS

          • The new Honto site is up since yesterday and I have already transfered my customer information from bk1, I still have my wishlist and points, so it’s nice, my adress is there too. I haven’t ordered anything yet, but at least it seems like it will be possible without a problem =)

            • That’s great! I haven’t encountered any problems myself, the checkout it’s rather similar to bk1… But I guess it’s time to make another tutorial soon…

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