Shiny Covers and Upcoming Tanks from B’s-Garden

Something less wordy this time, but yeah! I missed writing about pretty covers. Lets talk about b’s-garden today ’cause I’m so excited for a book that’s coming out this November!
Which is this!! Minazuki Akira‘s new tank, Noboseru Karada, is expected to be on sale on the first of November. :D! Since it’s in Hertz, there’s bound to be some smut.
For Takarai Hirito‘s Hana no Mizo Shiru fans, volume 2’s slanted to come out on 15th of November.
Other that those 2 mentioned above, coming out during November are Kikuya Kikuko‘s Himitsu no Toge(?) and Aoi Levin‘s Chiisana Hoshi no Ouji-sama wo.
Coming out on the 15th of October is Tenzen Momoko‘s Flutter. Sorry I can’t find larger image other than the one from B’s-garden website. I’ve read some of Tenzen Momoko’s older works and frankly… They’re not so great plot wise. :’D

I’m really excited for this book by Hayakawa Nojiko. You can find previews of Endo-kun no Kansatsu Nikki and what not on b’s-garden’s feature which will include some info on the mangaka, interview, wallpaper and most of all, sample pages.

Remember the two chapter story by Ike Reibun where there’s a village which celebrates someone’s 33rd birtday by having a funeral for them? Well here’s the tank for Okutsukimura no Yukaisou.


D: For some reason, Japanese BL author likes to write about a man having to be a bride or something. This new novel, Hanayome Shitsuji (Bride Butler XD) by Iwamoto Kaoru, illustrated by Sasanarumi from Shy looks like it’s about that again, judging by the title. But damn, the uchikake looks pretty D:!


2 thoughts on “Shiny Covers and Upcoming Tanks from B’s-Garden

  1. *u* Pretty covers!! I am especially interested in Endo-kun, the style is just my taste too! XD

    And yes, I noticed the same thing… Japanese BL and their man-brides… it’s almost like they are part-time man part-time bride and this one is even busier, he is also part-time butler… OOTL

    • /o/ I shall scan some samples for Endo-kun when I get my book. o/!!

      LOL, so he’s a man-bride-butler. D: Poor dude will never sleep.

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