Oujisama to Haiiro no Hibi Tankoubon Out!!

I totally forgot to spaz about the release here. I’m really sorry! If you’re following my twitter, I’ve already mentioned this. Yamanaka Hiko’s first(?) shoujo manga is out right now! So what are you waiting for? Order it!

Aria added more information into their series info page. To add to the summary I wrote last time:

Living an extremely poor life and having a drunk father, Atsuko is such an unfortunate high school girl. One day, she met people who lived on the opposite end of her world, the rich boys, Itaru, Haruki (needs to be confirmed again) and Shin. Since then, her life changed. Atsuko looks so much like Itaru, the heir to the Nogi family and she was “forced” to exchange place with him to be the “prince”…

Previous summary:
Atsuko, a middle school girl lived an extremely poor life with her father. To make ends meet, she took up weird part-time job, staining her ands. Her school life’s pretty sad since she’s hated by her peers. But one day, Atsuko caught the eyes of a group of three shinning boys. Itaru was interested in Atsuko, so he got his two bodyguards to kidnap her and brought her to his magnificently rich and glamorous mansion. What will happen to poor Atsuko…?

So… another Prince and the Pauper story, but this time, it’s a gender bender version of it? To make it even better, there’ll be some love story going on as well? Male Atsuko and her/his harem? :D Can’t wait to read this book! The summary got me hooked as it is. ;A;

Btw, I really love tumblr. I do! Waking up to something like this… *foams and nosebleeds*


5 thoughts on “Oujisama to Haiiro no Hibi Tankoubon Out!!

  1. *u* SO PRETTY! I personally love the pink version of the girl~ But its such a shame I can’t bare to read/watch/anything gender bender OOTL

    HO MY GOD, WHAT KIND OF GIF IS THAT??! /bulging eyes I question what u follow on tumblr!!

    • Nuh!! I follow normal people who loves gay pr0n? XD

      Oh, I didn’t know you have a thing against gender gender O.O!!

      Aria’s editor just tweeted that they’re reprinting Oujisama to Haiiro no Hibi. :D

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