D'aw… We're Old Now

I’ve been so side tracked by Supernatural these days that I was… late for Echochi‘s anniversary. Well, not that anybody would notice, right? If you haven’t, please read Amayadori wa Basu-tei de. It’s such an awkward but cute story. :’D I’ve slaved so many people on that series, and poor shushu lost her sleep too. Anyway, Happy Birthday Echochi! Tis was only yesterday when I was busy advertising for staff on my blog. Time passes by so quickly.

I’ve been going through tracy_loo_who‘s recommended Dean/Castiel (destiel) fics for the past few days. And omg, the quality of fics are… vastly different from most anime fics I’ve read. Some of the fics are downright corny but it’s still soooooo good. Supernatural’s rather cheesy anyway, so it fits the mood, I suppose?

Recs on delicious: http://www.delicious.com/tracy_loo_who/dean/castiel+recs?&page=1

Anyway, Fuuko set up a pretty neat way to show off our BL manga collection over at tumblr. :D It makes me happy to look at manga being photograph. So if you have some lying around, please do share. No tumblr account needed.

Original post: http://hazukashiikedo.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/bl-bookshelf/
Tumblr: http://blbookshelf.tumblr.com/

Some brave soul asked me how I scanned my manga raws. So I told her I ripped my books using hair dryer since I don’t have a microwave right now. Damn, I have to reflatten Tonari No’s pages again. FML. Sorry if you’re offended with the way I treated my manga. Rest assured, they’re neatly piled up in some box.

Obviously it’s easier to use a microwave, you can see which books were tortured with my hair dryer.


19 thoughts on “D'aw… We're Old Now

  1. You are supposed to use a microwave?? Wait, how does that work? /clueless

    I follow Fuuko’s blog too! XD Shame, I mainly buy doujinshi but it’s not like I am brave enough to keep them around on my residence XDDD

    • D; I don’t know how to buy doujinshi! Teach me. ;A; They’re so expensive to go through middleman.

      ;’D Er, wipe the microwave clean and slap the tray with kitchen towels so that it won’t stain the book. Usually takes about 20~30 seconds for the glue to melt, depending on how thick it is. Take out the book, tear the pages piece by piece and repeat the process again when the glue hardens. o/

      • I mainly just go to all the cons I can get to when I head back to HK… and spend all my money. XDDD

        OHHHH…. never knew you could do something like that XDD

        • D; Cons!! I wanna go to a con, but their entrance fee’s just outrageous. ;(

          I didn’t dare use the microwave at home though, my mum always use it to cook and it’s oily, greasy and smells like food. ;D Only microwaved my book in US ’cause I seldom use the microwave. /o/

          • The anime con entrance fee in HK is cheap, considerably less so than here XDD BUT I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THE COMIC CON (THE ERIK/CHARLES POSSIBILITIES??) QuQ

            The microwave I had is gross… OTL

            • XD Yeah, cons in Asia are way cheaper than the ones here. ;( I always miss Comic Con, lol. I should go, and meet SPN cast <3

              LOL, I guess we have the same problem then. o/


    kidding kidding~
    Happy anniversary echochi~

    I think if I bothered to celebrate Spica’s we should be 3 or something by now? lol idk

      • i am gonna be upfront and say i’m really slow. is echochi doing it askljfsdkjfklsd? if not, i have no idea who did that project D: ..

        koshino’s raws are on my wishlist, along with kusama sakae, tojitsuki hajime, hideyoshiko and yamada sakurako – they have that beautifully structured men thing going on – that i totally love.

      • oh god i can’t edit that comment 8(((. forgot to add: katou setsuko, est em and marta matsuo to the list of “gorgeous artists who draw the special kind of men i like looking at but am too broke to buy at the moment” list.

        • Nah, not Echochi’s project, it’s for another group. I don’t think I can spill the beans yet. But look forward to it. :)

          OH, you have good taste~ Tojitsuki Hajime is just <3 I bought almost all her BL works, and they're pretty good. Each book has different type of story and feel to it. :) Worth every penny.

          Lol, funny thing was, my first impression of Hideyoshiko wasn't so good 'cause the first work I've read of her that's in onBlue wasn't very… good. Luckily her other works are pretty interesting. :'D Especially the one with an old man in Gateau. Can't remember the title.

          :D Save money and buy them in bulks once you have enough? Having physical copy gives me a lot of satisfaction and it's easier to read on the bed. /runs

          • i spy a certain moon, in a box… or some bliss ヾ(・・*)…

            i just pick up what other folks gush about and have a few favorite authors :’D. i spent $80 at kinokuniya last week on some takarai rihito, hayakawa nojiko, tagura tohru and hideyoshico [very cozy in my plastic big book box – i put them in boxes to keep dust and light out D:. i’m trying to limit purchases till i finish reading what i bought].

            i know about that bed thing.. my fanfiction.net and T&B kink meme on my mobile >///<.

    • Oh, I can’t rebind my books cause I took away the glue while I scan. :’D I don’t want the glue to stick to my scanner’s glass.

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