Koi to wa Yobenai

I kinda have a love and hate relationship with works published in BexBoy Comics aka BBC. Most of BBC’s titles are just pure smut without plot or they tried very hard to make smut with plot but failed to do so properly. But then, there are titles like Koi to wa Yobenai that makes it hard for me to say “all BBC works are just crappy smut” because it isn’t.

Koi to wa Yobenai by Eda Yuuri and Machiya Hatoko just doesn’t belong with BBC because there’s a very solid plot going on here and even until volume 2 (lala, no tank for 2 yet) there isn’t any smut. Can you believe this? Well, most of Machiya Hatoko’s works are pretty good reads anyway.


Tsumori Ei picked up a stray cat, along with a baggage named Nakama Junpei during one cold snowy night. Feeling lonely and sad after a heart shattering break up with his ex-boyfriend, Ei thought that just maybe, it’s fate that he met Junpei.

Ever since then, both of them started living together. It seemed like Junpei’s hiding a really deep emotional scar too. It didn’t help that Ei reminded Junpei of someone from the past.

Ei seemed like an uptight and stoic person which wasn’t true at all. He’s just having hard time expressing himself and Junpei understood that hidden behind the awkward persona, there’s a really kind-hearted guy inside. If only Ei’s underling could see that as well, then he wouldn’t be gossiping about his superior.

Junpei met the other main character of the story, Sagan and Kittaka Yoshimi (who’s also Ei’s client) in a café he worked in. Junpei brought Sagan to meet the stray cat Ei picked up, fondly named Yakinori (grilled seaweed). Though Ei was reluctant to let it go, Sagan ended up keeping the cat as a pet. :’D And gosh, the extra chapter of Sagan vs cute little Yakinori’s just too adorable for words!

Of course, the story wouldn’t be good without any drama right? Ei’s ex-boyfriend, Takei, who left him to marry some girl, came back crawling to Ei. Luckily Junpei was around to kick his ass a few times. Besides that, it looked like Kittaka’s unrequited love for Sagan’s causing him to look for other love interest, namely Ei.

What can I say? It’s a pity that this manga is published under Libre and it won’t get the recognition it deserve unless there are scan groups out there willing to work on this title or Libre gets the English version out soon.

:D I would highly recommend everybody to get this book. It’s thick as hell, the story’s pretty good and did I mention the cat’s freaking cute yet?



12 thoughts on “Koi to wa Yobenai

  1. I´ve just read it today (a version in Spanish) and it´s so good that I want to read vol 2 now. You did justice to this story with your wonderful review! ^^

    The story and the characters are great, even the side ones, and the cat is too cute for words! :D

    • Wohoo! Another fan! The drama in volume 2 is just soooooo goooooooooooood! I wish the side characters’ story isn’t just in novel format though… DX

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