These Came in Today! – September Orders

From top to bottom:

Stranger by Kuku Hayate
God! Finally I get to read the first and last chapter. It kinda sucked that I know the middle of what’s happening in this awesome but simple story but not how it began. Kuku Hayate’s men are sexy as always. This wild wild west theme’s so charming too! But as I’ve said, simple story. Nothing too complicated but I enjoyed the book a lot. :)

Yoake no Inu by Shimaji
I… haven’t read this yet. But I’ll take some pictures of the book.

Seishun Hanashinjuu by Kawai Hideki
Looks like a heavy high school story. I mean it in a good way. There’s a scene of the MCs by the beach and in the sea. That’s so breathtakingly beautiful!

Rule no Shimita Karada by Yoshida Yuuko
I’m rather surprised to find a chapter from Tokyo Mangasha’s Syrup Crossdressing Anthology in there even though the book’s published under Pride.

Dokusen Kenrisho by Kousaka Akiho
Man, I thought I didn’t read this damn book before when I was ordering it. Sadly, I guess internet does love Kousaka Akiho. There are chinese raws/scans floating around.

Okutsukimura no Yukaisou by Ike Reibun
Other than the main story about happy funerals of people still alive, there are also some for Ike Reibun’s rather old oneshot in there. The texture of the cover jacket’s so nice to touch, I can’t explain it. DX

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi v6 by Nakamura Shungiku
Wow, I didn’t know chapter 11’s included.
Kanashii Hito wa Doko ni mo Inai by Yamada Torico
I’m starting to collect all of Yamada Torico’s works! I’ve fallen in love so hard for her oneshot in Syrup. Her style looks so cute and light but the story’s rather heavy.

Shiranu wa Omae Bakari by Minazuki Akira
Got another copy since I ripped my last one to scan.

Konya wa Take-out nite by Minazuki Akira

Can you believe I haven’t bought this yet?


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu by Kumota Haruko

I’m most excited for this book! Kuro, it’s worth getting this even though I just flipped through it. And is that a spirit I see at the end?

Kami to Pen by Yanagisawa Yukio
Been meaning to get this since it came out because she drew that pretty ballet oneshot in onBlue vol 1.

Chinkami by Nagai Saburou
I just knew it’s gonna be gag. At least the men in there are pretty and the gag’s pretty bizarre. I’m surprised at how big the book is.

onBlue Volume 3
I’m writing a short review on volume 2 right now. That’s been sitting in my draft for months. OTL



Sotsugyou Album ~ Doukyuusei and Sotsugyousei Official Fanbook by Nakamura Asumiko

Man, if you’re not a big fan of Nakamura Asumiko’s Doukyuusei series. Don’t get the fanbook. IT IS a fanbook after all. But as a big big fan of Nakamura-sensei herself, this book is simply heaven. I bet there are a lot of reviews out there for this book, so I won’t review this. I bet Nakamura-sensei had a hand on designing the book layout because the pages in there are well composed.

Now all I’m hoping for is an official artbook too. :)

On another note, I finally made a mainly lamb and sheep blog over at tumblr and I’m running it with a couple of friends ’cause I dragged them in. I said mainly because goats, llamas and alpacas are cousins too~

Sheepoh & Lambie:


18 thoughts on “These Came in Today! – September Orders

  1. Kawai Hideki !!!! *o*

    Oh… I’d love to get this one soon (but I’m waiting to be back in France to place my next order) I’m sure it’s marvelous. And the cover looks so beautiful !

      • No… I’m still in US until the end of june. But as I already have to order some french books for my univ’ studies, I don’t really want to go back in France with a heavy bag full of books (and also, I’d feel a bit bad if someone see me reading BL stuff considering I’m working with middle schoolers)

        • Oh, June next year? That’s a long time. That’s true, I’m still wondering how I should bring my books back. I bought quite a lot of reference books which weigh way more than my manga collection. :(

          O.M.G. LOL!! Does that mean you haven’t touch BL since you came here? Nuh!! /pats middle schoolers.

  2. All the books! *u*

    Kawai Hideki, Rakugo (LOOKS SO GOOD) and Kami to pen!! The last one I have been meaning to read but never got around to~~ Tell me how it is? ;)

    • :P Chinkami is so damn random. What I love about it is right at the start they gave us detailed bio of all the main characters so I’m not confused about their personality. I guess it helps with the gags too. Some of the jokes plays on Japanese words but that’s still all right for me. It can be rather dry when I don’t really get the punch line. D; Have to ask my BF to explain some of the gags in there. AND it’s not BL. UGHHHHHHH!

      Kami to Pen is a book of oneshots. I AM SAD! But they’re rather interesting so it’s not too bad.

      Haven’t read Rakugo yet, that’s one scary book to read so I’m putting that last. Lol

  3. WHUT. Chinkami is not BL?? How is that even possible?? OOOTL

    /curious. Oneshots are neat, just hope its not those ones where they just jump into bed for some mindless sex XDDD

    Saving the best for last? ;)

  4. omg stalking your real blog is fun!!! I see that you read everything before we work on it~ Stranger was my favorite… but it might be because I like the cowboys & native american theme~

    • Thanks for stalking *__*! I don’t know what to pick if I haven’t read the manga yet. Besides, got to pick titles that are either easy to translate or to edit. /o/

      TAT I want to pick up Stranger so badly right now, but… Gotta finish what we have right now. *runs*

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