Buying Japanese Books, Manga, Mags With BK1 – Part 3a

All right! Here’s the final part of my mini BK1 tutorial. This final part is a wee bit too long, so I have to break it up into two parts. Be sure to check the last 2 tutorials for registering an account in BK1 and accessing your account.

Part 01 – Register
Part 02 – Login and User Account
Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy
Part 03b – Purchasing: Shopping

Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy

Bk1 is rather… rigid. It doesn’t allow customers to search for a title in English or even Romaji. So be sure to have the title in Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana) before hitting the search button in BK1.


If you already know what you want, just do a google search on that title or mangaka for the Japanese title. The place I always ended up using is Mangaupdates. Under series’ “Associated Names”, usually you’ll find the Japanese title. In the mangaka/author’s page, you’ll find the Japanese name under “Name (in native language).


You can try to search for new release. is kind enough to translate the page to English on individual release page but other than that, it’s Japanese. It’s a good place to look for latest release because amazon usually posts covers before the release date, but not all the time. The review on amazon’s pretty useful to know whether a book’s worth buying or not. Just look at the amount of stars the book has :)

On the main page, look for 本・漫画・雑誌 at the very top of the left sidebar and click on 漫画 for manga category.

Once you’re in, there are list of genres on the left and under each genre are book publication/labels. I won’t list all the publication or labels but here are the translations for each genre:

少年コミック – Shounen comic
青年コミック – Seinen comic
少女コミック – Shoujo comic
女性コミック – Josei comic
4コマ漫画 – 4-coma manga
ボーイズラブコミックス – Boys Love comic
ボーイズラブノベルス – Boy’s love Novel
その他 – Rest/Miscellaneous
コミックセット – Comic set
限定版・特装版 – Special editions
イラスト集・オフィシャルブック – Illustration, artbooks, official book
コミック・アニメ研究 – Comic and Anime Research
レーベル別 – List by Label
出版社別 – List by Publisher
著者別 – List by Mangaka
雑誌 – Magazines
マンガ大賞 – Manga Prize has almost the same interface with Only thing is that it has a category just for manga. If you prefer looking for books by publisher or mangaka instead of release dates or titles, simply click on 著者別 or 出版社別 near the bottom of left sidebar. Label here means the title of the magazine, in essence. For example:

Publisher: Libre Shuppan
Label: B-boy, Kurofune Zero, Citron, B-boy novels, B-boy Honey and etc.

Publisher: Shinsokan
Label: Dear+, Cheri+, Wings, Kaguya Spade

Publisher: B’s-garden
Label: Craft, Hertz



Another Japanese website you can check out is Chil-chil for latest release. Chil-chil is an awesome place to follow if you’re a fujoshi. The site’s constantly updated with BL manga or manga news, release dates, features and etc.

To get to release list, at the menu bar on top (pink) look for 発売リスト which is third from the left. Click on 新刊情報 to get to release list.

Release list: <- Bookmark this

On the release page and under the niffy BL 最新発売 banner, there are 2 option to help you search for releases. On the left is to display category and on the right is to display books by release dates.

Under the cover in bold is the title of the book. Mangaka and author names are underlined black text (usually second last line, not counting the icons)


Bl/Manga Blogs

Blogs are awesome places to look for reviews, sneak peaks and release news. I don’t really have a comprehensive list of blogs for you guys to follow because I get my news directly from the publisher and mangaka via twitter or editor’s blog (got to love google reader). I’ll compile a list of mangaka sites and twitter when I have the time [wip links]. But the links below are pretty awesome blogs for English speaking community. :) — Fuuko’s Fujoshi blog, everybody goes there — Hachi’s Fujoshi blog — Shinkeikaku’s blog covers a write range of genre and not just BL. :) — Otaku Champloo’s a pretty well written blog for manga in general but it’s more focused on BL scene.


–Continue to part 3b–

Maybe in another month. Going to continue writing my review of Minazuki Akira’s lovely Oboseru Karada now or another batch of sneak peaks…

Part 01 – Register
Part 02 – Login and User Account
Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy
Part 03b – Purchasing: Shopping


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  3. Hello ^^
    Question : is there a way to use bk1 to buy manga from Amazon jp with cheap shipping?Cause amazon jp offers only very expensive shipping for outside Japan.

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