Sneak Peek – November Orders

I’m going to jump the entries around because October’s orders are a little too long. That said, I’m going to stop buying manga for another 6 more months. Unless, I had to buy tanks for scanlating again. That’s the reason why I actually ordered 3 times the past couple of months. Hopefully I’ll prevail or get swarmed by my thesis so I won’t have time to even browse anything on the internet.

Double Bind v1 to v4 (light novel)
I gave into temptation and got this crazy novel by Aida Saki. Doesn’t help that Kasai Rikako illustrated for the series. The summary at the back mentioned a police officer and a family/clinic psychologist (the type that runs a walk-in clinic).

Ane no Kekkon v2 by Nishi Keiko
I just finished reading volume 1 when Mr Fedex-Delivery-Dude knocked on my door to send me the parcel. Talk about coincidences. Volume 2 is filled with so much craziness. I thought Ane no Kekkon would be more serious, but I guess that isn’t Nishi Keiko’s style…

Noboseru Karada by Minazuki Akira
O.M.G. This book is like all my fantasies in one awesomely marvelous… er book! A man in kimono (only on chapter covers and 1 small panel but who cares), sex in sento (public common bath), sex in a bathroom’s bathtub, calligraphy artist/writer, panya-san (Mr. Baker) and beautiful, gorgeous men in their late 20s. early 30s. I’ll write a long, long review to entice everybody to own a copy!

Hana no Mizo Shiru v2 by Takarai Rihito
Where did v1 stop at again? I don’t remember… Looks like the seme’s nemesis appeared in this volume?

Udon no Hito by est em
This is what I gathered while flipping through this weird manga. A lady selling udon and a man obsessed with udon falling in love with each other. The man fantasizes about the lady selling udon in her undies. And the lady selling udon has some rather cracked up fantasies about the man too.

Seriously, mangaupdates, how can you not read the damn furigana and put the manga title as “Udon no Onna”?

Tetsugaku Letra by Sahara Mizu
There’s Japanese raws floating around the internet. I haven’t read this book yet but the story sounds interesting…
Gunjou Gakusha v1 by Irie Aki
Irie Aki’s most awesome work, ever. I don’t usually like reading oneshots, but Gunjou Gakusha’s an exception. Every chapter’s well crafted and every oneshot’s themes are so vastly different. One of my favourite oneshot is in this volume too.
Flower Garden ~ Kobayashi Tomomi’s artbook
Got this for Kobayashi Tomomi’s Granado Espada art. But, I love her black/white inking illustrations the most. There’s a couple of Elysium no Monogatari in there too.

Artist site:
To end today’s entry, I’m announcing that I’m taking a short hiatus away from managing Echochi to finish my thesis. I’ll miss bossing you guys (staff) around, but we’ll still meet each other on twitter or tumblr? Maybe now I’ll have more time to finish all the draft I’ve written for this blog…


6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – November Orders


    And the udon-love? Awks to max but I think that is the main thing that is drawing me in… OTL

    Work hard on your thesis!! :D Echochi will miss you just as much and I think any of the staffs won’t feel like we are home unless cheezy is there to boss us around! XD See you in 2/3 months or on tumblr? XD ~~ V

    • Really? Then, I don’t have to write a review anymore? XD!

      Lol, same here. I actually bought it for the udon, not est em. :’D

      I’ll be back soon! Or I’ll be spamming this place more now!

  2. OMG KASAI RIKAKO. I love her drawings TT V TT. And “S” by Aida Saki was so good too so I really hope these will be released in English one day… orz. Are you gonna read all four novels? If so, good luck! XD

    • YES! You have great taste! Lol, the novel’s pretty interesting. I pity the first volume’s first victim. Not only was he starved to death, he had his wiener chopped and shoved down his own throat. I’m almost done with volume 1 actually. Double Band’s a pretty fast read, maybe because it’s very engaging. I love Aida Saki’s characters in there *O*! I hope someone will license this work as well. I’ll have more time to read next week, after my finals are done o/!!

      • WOAH THAT SOUNDS PRETTY GORY HAHA!! Expecially the “shoved down his throat” part… I remember reading “S” in one night and one morning XDDD!! Aaah I wish I knew Japanese ; u ;. I NEED MORE OF AIDA SAKI TT A TT!!

        • *v*! I love the gore though, sadly they only mentioned it once or twice and the rest of the book is the interaction with the cop (MC), the clinical psychiatrist and his charge.

          I want more of Aida Saki too! Konohara Narise as well… *v* in English ’cause they’re cheaper >_<!

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