Noboseru Karada by Minazuki Akira

Noboseru (のぼせる) refers to the feeling to dizziness one feels when he/she soaks in a hot tub of water or hot spring for too long. The title gave us the hint of the premise for Minazuki Akira’s Noboseru Karada, which is a family run sentou (common bath: 銭湯) called the Kusabane Yu.

Noboseru Karada definitely beats Shiranu wa Omae Bakari hands down, even though both titles have drop dead gorgeous men. It’s all because Noboseru has:

1. Sexy man who’s a calligrapher.
2. Sexy man who’s a calligrapher in sexy kimono.
3. Sexy man who’s a calligrapher in sexy kimono wanting to bang a sexy baker.
4. Sexy man who’s a calligrapher in sexy kimono sexing up to a sexy baker in a sexy sentou.
5. Sexy man who’s a calligrapher in sexy kimono banging a sexy baker in a sexy bathtub of a sexy bathroom.

Well you get the idea, right? On a serious note, there are only two stories in Noboseru Karada, which is somewhat linked. The calligrapher/sentou-counter manager from the first story’s the uncle of the cute uke kid from the second story.

Noboseru Karada
Suzumi Yoshinaga is an owner and manager of a little bakery store of a small town. During one hot summer day, his workers advice Suzumi to visit “Kusabane Yu”, a local sentou just down the street, to relax and rejuvenate. There, he meets a really handsome man working at the counter, who for some reason can’t stop looking at him. Suzumi thinks to himself, that maybe he did something weird because it is his first time at that sentou, even though they’re not that far away from each other.

Later, Suzumi finds out from his fellow worker at the bakery that the man at the counter’s actually a pretty famous calligrapher named Kusaba Shisou. But, his real name is actually Kusabane Atushi. He works at his family sentou when he’s having a downtime or isn’t busy writing calligraphy for big names or movies.

During Suzumi’s next trip to the sentou, he feels really uncomfortable with Kusabane’s staring and confronts him about it. Kusabane grabs his hands and says “For someone with an idol’s face, your arm’s rather dirty (or battered with scars and bruises)”.

Little does Kusabane know that Suzumi has a rather major inferior complex about himself that everybody looks down at him because of his pretty face? Bad move, Kusabane… Wonder how is he going to fix this mess and court Suzumi at the same time?

It’s not enough that Noboseru covers almost all my kinks with one story, they have to make the seme’s so confident with his pursuit too. Atsushi’s such a gentleman too. He knows when to push his feelings towards Suzumi and when to back off. He’s such a… ero oyaji in a way but still quite romantic.

Thank god Suzumi isn’t a whiny uke. His little inferiority complex is quite believable too. He’s just too pretty that nobody sees past the surface and look at his true worth. Doesn’t help that the people he met in the past are really bitchy to boot.

Samenai Yamai
Samenai Yamai’s pretty cliché BL story about two childhood friends going through some misunderstanding. Kusabane Haruka (Atsushi’s nephew) discusses about his future with him mum. She asks him whether he’s planning to study overseas, majoring in English. Haruka, aka Haru texts his childhood friend, Yamanobe Shouta, about his future plans. Shouta immediately runs to Haru’s room to confront him about his decision.

Obviously it wouldn’t be BL if Shouta isn’t secretly harbouring feelings for cute little Haru. So when Haru and his mum ask him whether he wants to soak in their family sentou, he flutters and declines immediately…

After that day, Shouta has been ignoring and avoiding Haru. The only way Haru can meet him is at Shouta’s family alcohol store. They finally get to meet in Shouta’s room but Shouta, being the teenage boy that he is, can’t contain his feelings for Haru any longer and tries to make Haru understand that the feeling of adoration he has for Haru’s of different level.

Haru’s utterly confused and it doesn’t help that Shouta proposed to stop meeting each other to avoid any more uncomfortable situations for Haru. How long would it take for Haru to realise that just maybe, he feels more for Shouta too?

This story is so freaking cute! UGH! Even though the plot’s been used almost all the damn time, but at least the characters’ characteristics are different. Haru may seem like a weak, confused, timid uke that he is, but he’s also his uncle’s nephew. Once he decides on something, he isn’t afraid to go forth and… multiply! Not only did he instigate most of the confrontation with Shouta, he’s also the one who demands for more… contact.

Shouta on the other hand, is a rather weak character. Though he came onto Haru first, but I bet it’s his libido talking there. He’s weakness makes him a rather cute seme too! In the extra, Shouta actually asked Atsushii, Haru’s uncle, for advice. He did try to go slow for Haru but Haru doesn’t like being pampered like that. Once Haru said the magic word though, he totally lost control and went all in.

Conclusion is, buy the book and look at the pretty pictures! I mean, the story’s very simple but cute. The characters are all so lovable and you just can’t help but want to squeeeeze and hug them.


6 thoughts on “Noboseru Karada by Minazuki Akira

  1. LOL this is my favorite review so far xD especially point 1-5 :p
    I just found out about MINAZUKI AKIRA and omg the illustration is just SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I fell in love with it immediately.
    Are there any mandarin scanlation for this one?

    • XD Thank you, glad Minazuki’s works!

      Er, none right now? Her first two titles didn’t have Chinese scanlations either, just scans of Taiwanese tankoubon versions. TAT!!

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