Yamashita Tomoko Anybody?

Not a review of Yamashita Tomoko’s Kuimonodokoro Akira, just news about onBlue volume 4 featuring Yamashita Tomoko. Hideyoshiko will be (or already did) interviewing her. There’s going to be a prototype version of Kuimonodokoro Akira and readers get a feel of Yamashita before her debut with her doujin work. Her new BL chapter’s called Good Morning, Bad Day, which sounds very familiar…

Great news? Ishino Aya joins onBlue with her new work, Boku to Kimi no Midori to Drill (doriru). Mangaka with on-going series in previous volumes are back too. This includes Hideyoshiko, Kumota Haruka, Yamanaka Hiko, Koiwazurai Shibito, Nobara Aiko, Tateno Tooko, Yanagisawa Yukio and many more.

Since I barred myself from buying anything, please enjoy the volume for me. TAT!

Source: http://ameblo.jp/onblue/entry-11083691873.html

Since the post is named after Yamashita Tomoko, here’s more news about her. There’s going to be a BL info talk event featuring Yamashita Tomoko as a special guest speaker. The event’s organised by BL Sougou Jouhoubu, a pretty big BL news site in Japanese.

Source: http://nobl-nolife.xxxblog.jp/archives/892636.html

There’s a new Josei magazine by Shueisha called Cocohana. Yamashita Tomoko has another oneshot in there called Biseinen (pretty man). According to Natalie, Cocohana’s supposed to replace Chorus, well it’s the successor?

Yamashita’s going to be in the next issue with another oneshot, Hadaka de Soto ni wa Derarenai.

Source: http://cocohana.shueisha.co.jp/now/index.html
Read message from Yamashita: http://cocohana.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/index.html

While I’m writing this post, mangaka are discussing which bookstore they use to buy BL manga… So cute! Akiba Tooko uses BK1, while Chiba Ryouko uses comi-comi XD!

@G_AKB: @chibaryoko @_yoneco_ 私は安定のBK1~♪
@chibaryoko: @G_AKB @_yoneco_ BK1…!私はBLはコミコミさんでペーパー付を狙います…ふふ(マニアだから)今回私のペーパーはアニメイトだけですが…今度あげる…ふふ

That’s it for all the latest news on Yamashita Tomoko. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything out…


One thought on “Yamashita Tomoko Anybody?

  1. How did I miss this post?!?
    I already read your Dec haul one, and I absolutely plan on purchasing this onblue volume. I’m interested in seeing her works when she did doujin. Thanks for the info!

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