Cat, Tiger and Kuroda Sakaki

Kuroda Sakaki has yet another utterly cute cat/kitten book called Neko Yari. The English title’s Salty Cat but let’s see what MU put up this time? Usually I wouldn’t squeal so much for a cat manga but this cat is just too fat, fluffy and adorable to resist!

FeelYoung special teasers:

Previously, Kuroda Sakaki also published another cat manga under Ikki called Neko Mocchiri. Which reminds me I need to get her on-going series in Ikki that I have on my wishlist for years, Seishun ♂ Sobbat aka Boys ♂ Sobbat.

onBlue is also reprinting her older BL title, Tora no Hatsukoi. I’m starting to think that Kuroda Sakaki’s obsessed with cat if she named her BL title’s main character a tiger…

Kuroda Sakaki’s site:

Will be back later tonight or tomorrow for another post.


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