Shedding Tears and WTF BL

Libre’s pimping their new anthology, Nakeru BL (Moved to Tears BL) which is slated to be on sale March, next year. Just like DameBL, Nakeru BL will pick stories of any settings of people crying (LOL) from twitter and select some mangaka or author and turn it into a short story. Their little promo/tag line’s rather amusing:


This spring, dedicated to ladies who are stressed,
comes a new BL anthology…

Artist Lineup:
Yamashita Tomoko (who I guess will be illustrating the cover), Eda Yuuri (who will be writing the story for a manga short), Konohara Narise, Moto Haruhira (previously known as Moto Haruko), Kawai Hideki and Aruku.

Twitter Collaboration:
Momoka, Ryou and many more.

Spam tweet here:!/nakeru_bl


So, Hertz has a new feature up. This time it’s for Meiji Kanako‘s Saka no Ue no Mahoutsukai which just made me not want to get the book. Usually I wouldn’t judge a book so quickly, no wait, I do, but this just takes the cake.


I really didn’t like the way Meiji Kanako layout her stories. The beginnings are usually very good and has so much potential, the middle’s always kinda dry but the ending just leaves me going “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS MANGA!!”

Prime example is Mimurake no Musuko. What happened to the drama in volume 1?!

Moving on to something with less… hate, Yamada Shiro’s new shoujo manga, Kamitoki no Resist just came out. She also illustrated a BL novel for Asaoka Modoru, titled, Ao ni Shizumi Niwa.

I’ve mentioned this before: but you can read the preview for Kamitoki no Resist here:

Speaking of Asaoka Modoru, Daria Bunko reprinted her old Drama novel and Asou Mitsuaki illustrated the new reprint.

Daria Bunko:

More news:

Kadokawa wrote in this update post that Fujimi Nichoume Orchestra series is getting a live action movie adaptation.

Main Cast:
Takasaki Shou as Morimura Yuuki
Arai Yuusuke as Tounoin Kei


Cross Novels updated their wallpaper download page with a wallpaper by Yamamoto Kotetsuko.


4 thoughts on “Shedding Tears and WTF BL

  1. OMG the cover of Meiji Kanako’s book is unbelievably DECEIVING. (It looks completely different than the scans here DDD:)

    WTF manga aside, Nakeru BL sounds so neat!! Tears + boys= YES PLZ

    • IKR! The first volume’s cover isn’t very appealing too but omg, the sample pages… D:

      Lol, I think teary boys in BL manga’s quite common though? I want to see semes cry!

  2. LOL I was thinking more along the lines of just a tearful-sex-fest where everyone cries, seme and uke likewise. We don’t discriminate everyone needs to get a little teary.

    • Cry + Sex = Beautiful heart-wrenching sex *O* I love where this is heading too!

      Lol, I guess everybody has the rights to cry XD!

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