Natsuyuki Rendezvous Ends and Updates

As much as it pains me to write this, Natsuyuki Rendezvous ends with this month’s issue of Feel Young (01/2012 issue). I hope the love triangle relationship between Rokka, Hazuki and Mr Yuurei (ghost) resolves nicely.

In this issue of Feel Young:
※ Murakami Katsura has a new series called Hatch.
※ There’s another extra (last?) for Unita Yumi’s Usagi Drop.
※ Shinanogawa Hideo’s Akane no Kaito (Akane no Kite) ends as well.

Next month’s issue of Feel Young will have a oneshot by Ishino Aya called Kakao and another oneshot called Aoi, Tenohira by Hirao Auri.

OnBlue posted a preview of Ishino Aya’s Kimi to Boku no Midori to Drill (Doriru).

Minazuki Akira has a new series in Lynx called Mayotte Aishite. Wish I could find a bigger image of this beautiful colour spread, but… *prays Chinese scanlator will pick this title up*.

It’s about a salary man meeting another guy (?) during his trip to sooth his broken heart.

Madarame Hiro’s new title, Beautiful Days is coming out this Christmas Eve! There’s also going to be a special Animate edition on sale at… Animate. :’D


Asahi Shinbun (Yeah, the newspaper) has this little mini manga series about worlds famous people for kids. It’s under Asahi’s Junior Series. Other than subscribing to the newspaper, I don’t really know how you’re supposed to get it.

There’s going to be 50 issues and each issue features a different figure, drawn by different mangaka or illustrator. The first issue features Thomas Edison and the next will be Mother Teresa. :D

Gallery and List of 50s:

There’s even trading cards (or battle cards that comes with the issue), card holders and files. Damn, I want to get them!

There’s a new shoujo series by Hozuki (or Hoduki) in last month’s Flowers magazine (01/2012), which is called Izakaya Sachiko. With a colour insert like this… D; I won’t be able to resist not reading it. It’s supposed to be a “heartful” comedy about a man who quit is old company job, while he’s looking for another job, he started working part-time in an izakaya and his meeting with the people there.

Ozaki Minami has a new title called Debichiru – Devil Children, that’s published in JumpSQ.



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