Let Me Rant About… Fudanshi Monogatari

I was browsing through next month’s release tank list and I found this little gem! Fudanshi Monogatari by Narazaki Souta. I’ll have to keep my post short today, since… I should be sleeping 5 minutes ago. But I must rant about this before I forget!

Here’s a preview of Fudanshi Monogatari’s cover. It’s TINY but the story in there is so freaking hilarious! So far (well, what I can find anyway) there are only 2 chapter scanlated by Friday (Chinese scans). Even though it says “The End” at the end of chapter 2, I’m pretty sure the story doesn’t end there. Or Narazaki’s just plain cruel to leave us hanging like that.

Chinese Scans (Read Online): http://pandazone.net/viewthread.php?tid=53377

Since I read this in Chinese and there isn’t any Furigana for the names, I won’t butcher the poor character and just name them, Fudanshi (the MC) and Sax (the guy after MC who plays the saxophone), okay?

Fudanshi (腐男子) is the male equivalent of fujoshi (腐女子), which literary means “rotten woman”. Fujoshi’s used (not very politely actually) to refer to women who reads BL (includes: manga, anime, game, novels and etc), very into BL, otaku of BL and now, I guess even those Josei/shoujo reading girls are calling themselves that.

The MC in this story embrace the title of fudanshi proudly in front of people he trust. That means, the fujoshi girls in his book club and one of his classmate/best friend… Not a whole lot. :’D

At the start of the story, Sax confesses his love for Fudanshi. It would have been a happy ending if Fudanshi isn’t straight. Or at least he claims to be.

The story continues on with Fudanshi trying to reject Sax’s advances but ended up “encouraging” sax even more. Example:

Attempt number one. Sax wants to talk about their “relationship” and they sorta have a very cliche conversation about how Sax is actually straight but he fell in love at first sight of Fudanshi and why Sax is in love with someone like Fudanshi. Sax replies:

“It’s because you are my fated one”.

While having a rather serious conversation, Fudanshi’s BL novel slips out of his pocket and Sax see it. Instead of feeling disgusted, Sax was really happy that Fudanshi is trying to give the relationship a try by reading about it and kisses him.

Throughout the two chapters, Sax’s serious attitude and misunderstanding, as well as Fudanshi’s panic expressions and failed rejection attempts drives the moon of the story. When Sax finds Fundashi’s R-18 doujinshi, he gives Fudanshi an almost-handjob to help “quell” his sexual hunger.

Fudanshi Monogatari is very amusing, I can’t think of what else to say. I literary “LOL” at some parts. But, it does touch about almost every stereotypical qualities of a fujoshi. Then again, I love it when mangaka or author playing stereotypes successfully which in my honest opinion, Fudanshi Monogatari does so marvelously.

Narazaki Souta also has another tank coming out on the 10th of February next year, Aoi Koi.

Source: http://www.libre-pub.co.jp/narazakisouta_paper/


2 thoughts on “Let Me Rant About… Fudanshi Monogatari

    • XD! I did~ Quite a lot too. *v*!! I should read manga before I sleep more often. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. /o/

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