New Tanks vs Alien Squirrel Plushie?

This is a must read! If you like gag manga with cute animals, that is. Dondonguri by Haruna Moyori is just so adorable! Risu (I don’t know what’s its proper name in English) is an alien who was ordered to invade earth as his school’s graduation exam.

The story starts with the alien meeting the human (unnamed but the character sheet in the site calls him “Megane”). Well, Risu accidentally slipps his “mission” parameters and fails lie about it being a school trip to the human though. Risu is the name of the plush character skin the alien’s wearing and seems to like pudding very much. From the samples given, it looks like Dondonguri’s about their everyday life together. Donguri’s the food that squirrels eat btw.

More info, teasers and wallpaper:

Since we’re on Shinshokan’s title, they finally decided to print Konohara Narise’s Parasitic Soul novel, illustrated by Kazuaki. (Remember my little rant last year? [here]) There are 2 tankoubon volumes, each cost about 1260円 (including tax).


Here are the list of somewhat interesting manga published by Shinshokan that came out recently or are about to come out:


Maboroshi ni Fureteyo by Amagakure Gido

Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu v3 by Kaneshiki Swiss

Kanashi Kanashika by Konna Kita
Izure no Ontoki Nika v1 by Gin Toriko
Twin Bird by Takashima Hiromi

Kaguya Spade:

Takatsukasa Family Ninja v2 by Tateno Makoto


Koi no Tsumasaki by Aoyama Toomi

Ai no Doctorcoat by Umetarou

Spotlight Lover by Kakine

Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou by Amagakure Gido
Mune ga Kowaresou by Hanamura Ichika

Click cover/title on this page for preview:
December’s List:
January’s List:

Asuka’s finally releasing something I want to own. Samamiya Akaza and Iwaki Hiromi’s Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu. I don’t care what people say about how crappy the storyline is, I really enjoyed reading it. Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu gives me a very Kyou Kara Maou feeling to the story. It’s also very slashy!


2 thoughts on “New Tanks vs Alien Squirrel Plushie?

  1. Satou-kun has book3!!!!!! *v* /pure excitement I love that series, leaves me cracking all over the place XDDD

    Your mention of parasitic soul remind me I have a link to its chinese translation lying somewhere… gotta look for it to read XDDDD

    Oh that squirrel looks cute enough to eat!! >3<

    • *O* I only read v1 for Satou-kun, need to hunt them raws!

      I saved Parasitic Soul’s Chinese trans somewhere too… but I prefer reading it in Japanese, Chinese is hard TAT!

      The squirrel reminds me of my lamb. Both have butt for cheeks XD!

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