Buying Japanese Books, Manga, Mags With BK1 – Part 3b

So, a month after part a, I now present you with the final part of my little BK1 tutorial. Be sure to read the previous tutorials first!

Part 01 – Register
Part 02 – Login and User Account
Part 03a – Purchasing: Searching to Stuff to Buy
Part 03b – Purchasing: Shopping

Part 03a – Purchasing: Shopping


To look for a book, the best way to do it is via search, either by mangaka or book title, hence the need for the tutorial in part 3a. You can browse through the website for books too and it’s almost similar to, just that BL isn’t very clearly listed on BK1.

Searching for a title is very simple, you just need to look for these 2 kanji, 検索, which means search. It’s right at the bottom of the header (Below the yellow menu at the top of the page). So, type or copy and paste what you want on the search bar and change the category on the left. There’s also an advance search function beside the search bar (本の詳細検索). Search hint (検索のヒント), or search help is just a guide on searching for goods in BK1.


Advance Search (本の詳細検索)

If you’re on the advance search page (詳細検索), the interface is like the image above.

キーワード – Keyword
ジャンル – Genre
タイトル – Title
著者名 – Creator (mangaka, author, illustrator and etc)
出版社 – Publisher (not label)
検索対象 – Status (for stock, status in order from top to bottom) Shipped within 24 hours, Purchasable, Everything)
並べ替え条件 – Order of books (for search, in order from top to bottom) Shipping duration, date of publication, reverse of date of publication, selling, by title, reverse of title, by publisher, reverse of publisher)
表示件数 – Number to display
出版日「yyyymm」- Date of publication, format is year, month, date. No hyphen (-) or slash, Example: 20120115
対象読者 – Demographics
書評の有無 [すべて あり なし] – Review [All, Yes, No]

Adding to Cart or Wishlist

If the search is successful, the result page should look something like this. Clicking on the title or the cover will bring you to the information page. But you can add to cart on the search result page as well, just click on the red icon on the side that says 買物カゴ. The orange icon below says あとで買う literary means buy later, so click on that to add to wishlist.

Clicking on the cover or title from your search result will bring you to the item’s information page. Click on the red icon with 買い物カゴ to put item to cart and the orange icon that says あとで買う to put to wishlist.

Here’s a list of some icons you’ll need to understand to navigate:


I’ve already mentioned this in part 2 of the tutorial but here’s a recap of the Wishlist on BK1.

To get to your wishlist, either login to your account, go to the side bar and click on あとで買う or simply click on the orange icon that says あとで買う at the top of the page. You will still need to login to see your wishlist.

Cart and Checkout

To get to your shopping cart, you have to click on the red icon at the top of the page that says, 買い物カゴ. Whenever you add an item to the cart, BK1 will automatically bring you to the page too.

In your shopping cart, remember to check the amount per item, make sure you don’t have duplicates unless you’re intending to do so. It’s under the 数量 (amount) column. 小計 is the total of one item, while 税込合計 is the grand total of your purchase including tax. They also listed the grand total without tax as 本体価格合計.

When you’re ready to check out, click on the bright red icon that says ▲ レジへ進む. They’ll prompt you to the login page again.

Once you’ve logged in, I think you’re supposed to fill in your information but since I’ve purchased from BK1 before, they’ve saved my information on cookies on my hard drive. If anybody’s having problems with this, please send me some screenshots of the page and I’ll help you out. If I’m not mistaken, it should be in English?

Lets say this is your second time buying from BK1, you should see something like this. They’ll list the recipient’s name, address, phone number and payment information.

The second half of the page’s my personal favourite, using BK1 points and discount coupon. If you’re registered with BK1, they will send you coupon codes, along with their product updates, so please don’t delete anything you get from BK1 with a subject line “number”円. That’s where you’re supposed to copy the coupon code from. Once you’re done, you’ve click on the red icon with 次に進む.

On the next page, you have to choose a shipping option you want. I’ll go into details later on in another post (gonna teach you how to calculate :D), so here’s a rough summary and price list.

EMS: Really fast shipping method but most expensive. It should include custom tax so please check with your local post office. Allows heavy weight for shipping too, 30kg.
Price list –

Fedex: Only applicable to people saying in the US. It’s a cheaper option than EMS but it’s just as fast. Weight limit’s at 15kg.
Price list –

OSC: Stands for Overseas Courier Service, I’ve never ever used this shipping option before so… About OCS. Allows heavy weight for shipping too, 30kg.
Price list –

Air Mail (航空便): Weight limit’s at 5kg. Takes about 2 to 3 weeks for parcel to arrive.
Price list –

SAL: SAL is Economy Air. LOL, don’t ask me what’s the difference with Air Mail but my SAL parcel and Air Mail parcel reached me around the same time, maybe a couple of days later than Air Mail. SAL is cheaper than Air Mail after 2kg. Weight limit’s at 5kg. For Canada and Ireland, once it reaches 2kg, BK1 will split your purchase. If you’re from Korea, Taiwan or Vietnam, you can’t use SAL. More information:
Price list –

SEA (船便): Weight limit’s at 5kg. Slowest and most unreliable shipping method. Takes about 4 to 5 weeks for the parcel to arrive.
Price list –

At the bottom of the page, are options for shipping method, meaning how they’re going to send your parcel. It’s either 個別配送 for splitting your order and shipping separate parcels, or 一括配送 to have everything shipped in the same parcel.

Finally, confirmation page. Check your orders properly before click on the yellow 上記の内容で注文する icon to confirm your order.

Now you’re done! BK1 will take some time to process your order but you can check your order’s status if you login to your account and click on ご注文履歴 on the sidebar. More information, read part 2 of the tutorial. Bk1 will send you an email to confirm your order and another one once they’ve shipped your orders (this email will include shipping price (送料手数料)) If there’s any delay in processing an item, BK1 will send you an email too.

If there’s any question regarding BK1 at all, please feel free to ask me by commenting down below at any of the tutorial posts, shoot me a message at twitter or tumblr, or you can even email me at kumagoro87☆gmail●com. Thanks for reading!


17 thoughts on “Buying Japanese Books, Manga, Mags With BK1 – Part 3b

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  2. Hi Cheezy!

    Thank you for this extremely helpful tutorial!
    Now I really have to give it a try and order something. (If only the shipping fee to Europe was a bit cheaper…)
    But since my kanji-reading skill is somewhere near to zero, I usually read manga with furigana only. Or more precisely: BL-magazines with furigana. When I was in Tokyo last year I bought BExBOY magazine and found it easy to read and understand (oh well, typical BL-stories have pretty limited vocabulary, so even a beginner like myself can easily understand them, LOL), so I started to read them. Otherwise I’m sticking to english-translated titles.

    My question is: would you please recommend me some BL-magazines (or maybe even manga?) which have furigana for ALL the used kanjis? (I only know that BexBoy and BexBoy Gold has it.) ‘Cause I really don’t want to waste my money on an item I can’t even read.

    Oh, and another Q, before I forget it: how can I calculate the estimated weight of my ordered books?

    Thank you in advance!
    Regards: Kenzou

    • Hello~

      I’m not too sure which magazine has furigana because the ones I own (onBlue, Canna & Edith) don’t have furigana for every single kanji in the book. BL’s demographics are usually adult oriented, so they’ll assume readers wouldn’t need furigana. I manage to find some furigana in books by Chara, dear+ and Be-boys. Pretty sure not all books under Hertz, Craft, Rutile or Lynx have them.

      Give it about 100g for the box and packaging. Then add in the books, Japanese B6 size tankoubon (usual BL tank size) or ISO A5 (larger than usual BL tank) is around 230g to 250g. Bunko size books are smaller (A6) so they usually weight around 180g to 210g depending on thickness.

      Hope that helps! 8D

  3. Wow this site seems very good! O___O
    I had heard about it but i didnt know how to use it
    Seems like it pretty much has all the things has.
    You can find the name of the mangaka u want in japanese and put it on the search bar of bk1 and you find all the manga that way.
    So there you can buy products BUT with SAL shipping for example [that is very cheap if u consider the shipping]
    This is amazing! @___@ Really!With this post you have saved me of my biggest problem in ordering!Cause i want so many titles and the Amazon shipping has been preventing me till now.
    Thank you so much!

  4. Hi! Thank you for making this tutorial, it has helped my a lot! I was going to buy it at HMV but looks like BK1 is cheaper and has more titles.
    I have a question, where can I see the shipping fee for my order? Because the total doesn’t include it, right?
    Or can you give me a reference of the shipping fee you’ve paid before?

    • Hey, thanks for reading XDb! Last I heard CDjapan also has quite a lot of shipping options and there’s English interface too. :D

      Yeah. Once you’ve checked out, the total doesn’t include shipping price. BK1 will only quote the shipping price after they’ve shipped through email. Usually the header for the email when they notify you that they’ve shipped your order is 【発送完了】出荷のお知らせ. It’ll include a list of all your orders and then the total break down. Here’s an example from my previous order

       商品小計 : 3445円 (Total of items)
       送料手数料 : 1680円 (Shipping with SAL, 5 items including 2 thick anthologies)
       bk1ポイント : 0円 (Minus amount from BK1 Points)
       ギフト券割引額: -300円 (Minus amount from BK1 Coupon)
       請求金額 : 4825円 (Grand Total)

      By then, it’s too late to back out. I could give you a rough estimate of the book’s weight though? Usual manga size is Japanese B5 which weighs around 220g to 250g. Shoujo or Shounen manga, like those Jump series, are roughtly 165g to 210g, depending on paper weight.

      Hope this helps 8Db

      • Oh this really did help!
        I’m planing on buying 5-6 manga so I guess it’s something like that. And I’ve bought with CDJapan too but it doesn’t really have the titles I’m interested on ): And the shipping isn’t as cheap.
        Thank you for answering! C:

  5. Hi there Cheezy! I was the anon that asked about this tutorial! : )
    I bought two books already and hopefully it’ll get here soon!
    I have a question though, does bk1 take the money out of your account straight away or do they take it out once everything has been processed (i.e when they ship it out) and mail you the second email.

    • XD That’s great! Usually BK1 charges a fake amount directly to your credit/debit card account. Once your order’s ready and shipped, they’ll charge the full amount (getting rid of the fake amount). It’s in the mail where BK1 mentions that they’ve sent your order titled: 【発送完了】出荷のお知らせ. It comes with the total amount you’ll have to pay as well (請求金額).

  6. The Junketsu Drop page has the new issue icon. Maybe it means a reprint or reissue? Although it never came out, so yeah…

    • Or another false alarm. ; – ; Hopefully it’s really coming out this May. We (at Echochi) started editing the first 2 chapters of raws I have because we just couldn’t wait for it anymore. DX

  7. heys, thanks for the super useful tutorial xD
    i had a problem on the confirmation page though :'(
    it said 指定されたクレジットカードは、現在利用できません
    i tried to go over the payment method again but i still got that.
    help me please?

    • oh yeah do they accept debit mastercard? because i heard they don’t accept visa debit?sorry i’m pretty confused now haha

    • No problem XD. It says that the credit card you’ve input cannot be used right now. I can’t think of any reason why BK1 doesn’t accept mastercard since it worked for both my visa debit (US bank account) and credit mastercard (Malaysia/Singapore bank account). They didn’t say they won’t accept any card (list of cards: in their help menu though. D:

      Anyway, for this I think you’ll need to ask BK1 directly. Try to use simple English (or Japanese) to inquire about the problem: <— contact form

      メールアドレス : (email address)
      お名前 :(Name, the way you've written when you registered)
      注文番号 : (Order number, not necessary if you don't have one)
      件名 :(Type of inquiry, scroll down until you find その他のお問い合わせ, which means other inquires)
      お問い合わせ内容 : (fill in your inquiries)

      After that click on "次に進む" to continue to the next page and hit "同意して送信" to confirm your inquiry.

      Sorry I couldn't be of much help. Hopefully BK1's side will help you with the problem.

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