Doujinshi Update – Hiramatsu and Lalako

I don’t usually buy doujinshi but I’ve just got to have these on my blog. First up is a Giant Killing doujinshi from Hirama Mitsunaga, entitled Count:6 which features Akazaki x Tanba. I’ve been pretty obsessed with her since nayung introduced this awesome artist to me. You can check out some of her oneshots we’ve scanlated. More to come soon, I hope? If only there’s a way to get doujinshi without going through middleman…

Don’t forget to get the… poster(?) too?


 If you’ve been following Kojima Lalako, she has another doujinshi for sale during this Winter’s Comiket which is an extra to her famous Kimi to Parade series. O.M.G. D8 Someone get me this please!!



4 thoughts on “Doujinshi Update – Hiramatsu and Lalako

  1. You bought one of her doujinshi ? God ! I feel so jealous. Her art is amazing, isn’t it ? I’m so in love with her works and she can make me love pairing I’ve never think about before.
    I’d love to get one of her doujin but she seems to sell them mostly during conventions or via Toranoana (who doesn’t ship internationaly)

    And I hope she’ll make more one-shots too !

    • Oh, no! I didn’t get her doujinshi, even though I really really want them. But I ended up getting Minazuki Akira’s doujinshi instead. Yeah, Toranoana should have international shipping. >: We have another oneshot and a series from Hirama Mitsunaga planned. :D

      • We have another oneshot and a series from Hirama Mitsunaga planned. :D
        You’re wonderful ! o/

        And she’s doing a serie ? Does that mean we can hope for a tankôkon ? That’d be awesome !

        • Yes! Series! It’s still on-going but I just ordered chapter 2. Someone’s going to scan chapter 1 for me. I’m really pumped to work on that. :D

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