Daily Read: Castle Mango – Chapter 09

I think to keep myself from blogging too little this year, I came up with a little project where I write a short reflection on manga I read. It’s not a summary or a review though, just my humble thoughts on the book or chapter I’ve read. Oh, if you’ve noticed, I’ve changed my blog layout! I still think having a sidebar’s better for blog navigation even though the previous layout’s really classy.

To start off, I read Chapter 9 of Castle Mango by Konohara Narise and Oguru Muku yesterday, Chinese scans of course. This chapter makes my insides churn and twist so much.

Recap: Chapter 8 left us with Togame saving Yorozu from being sexually exploited to film AV (adult video). Yorozu misinterpretated Togame’s concerns again and left the set with a broken heart.

Chapter 9 continues with Tozoru going home and locking his depressed self in his room. He bitches to his little brother, Satoru too. But, I guess Tozoru just needs a break from everything.

Togame goes back to the film stage but the director’s too stubborn and he doesn’t want anybody who’d be willing to throw filming aside for anything to be in his team. Gosh, give Togame a break too please!

Back in school, Yorozu’s teacher calls him in to talk about his falling grades. His friend, Haruhi confronts him on the fact of Yorozu working part-time. Yorozu then asks Haruhi for next day’s class notes because he won’t be attending school for his mother’s surgery. This friend, bless his kind heart for being the concerned good friend, agrees to let Yorozu use his notes wholeheartedly.

Yorozu slowly breaks down from the pressure. On his way to work, falls to the ground due to pain. He worries about school, scholarship, his mother’s surgery and the burnt love-hotel room.

Togame brings Satoru to the shrine and the latter bought a charm for his mother’s surgery. Satoru confessed his “hate” for Yorozu (’cause of the little bitching session in the beginning).

Satoru reveals everything to Togame. Togame advices the lil’ brother that he should cherish Yorozu more. It’s not enough that Yorozu has to worry about their mother, financial issues and grades, Satoru shouldn’t give him more shit to worry about.

Togame also reveled that he had an older sister and a younger brother but they’ve passed away.

Togame sends the little brother home and Yorozu sees Satoru coming out of Togame’s car. He assumes that Togame likes his little brother more and weeps. This is when I need to bash my head on the table countless times. I just wish they’d sit down and talk like the mature men they seem to portray.

Out for some little down time, Yoshida spots Togame working part-time at a bar, Bar Lagoon which is owned by his friend.

His old boss who recommended the job with that stubborn director knows about the circumstances behind him leaving the set. The boss notes that it’s a pity to lose such a big opportunity to work on a proper movie set.

It’s the day of Yorozu’s mother’s surgery. His aunt has a little pet talk with Yorozu during the surgery. She inquires about the situation at home and Yorozu placids her that he’s handling everything properly.

His mother’s sugery is a success but she’ll need sometime to recover.

Yorozu’s aunt knows that Yorozu doesn’t like her but insists that Yorozu should stop being so stubborn and accept adult’s care. She continues that they’re relatives and the siblings aren’t orphans.

Well aunty, after that little bitching episode a few chapters back about how the siblings are such a burden, it’s obvious why Yorozu’s wary of you.

Yorozu meets Togame’s high school friend, Ninomiya outside of his house/love hotel. Ninomiya is curious about the designs in the love hotel and he is very willing to replace all the burnt furniture for free. Of course, Yorozu isn’t going to accept charity like that but he caves in after Togame’s friend asks for free lodging in the love hotel.

Once they have all the furniture and decoration replaced, Ninomiya sends another one of Togame’s ex-classmates, who shipped those furniture to the Castle Mango, off. Then, it reveals that Togame secretly got his friends to help Yorozu out without mentioning his involvement.

Yorozu is really pissed to find that Togame is footing all the cost and loudly declares to Ninomiya that he’ll pay him back.

But, Ninomiya mentions the fact that Yorozu is still a kid. He wouldn’t be able to find a job that’ll allow him to earn enough money with his age. Yorozu should wait til’ he’s older to pay Togame back.

I love how everybody’s asking Yorozu to be more spoiled like a kid that he is. He should let the adults handle the room and study properly instead.

Ninomiya informs Yorozu that Togame’s dad was living in the hospital back when he’s in high school as well. Life with his sibling was though.

Maybe that’s the reason why Togame’s willing to help Yorozu (and love?).

The chapter ends with the producer from the previous film Togame helped with giving Togame a proposal of a life time, join the crew that’s going to Kenya to film for a year or two. Togame, even though it pains me to say this, please go and work on your dreams! Besides, Yorozu will be totally legal to pounce on once you come back.

So, what’s everybody’s though on the chapter?


14 thoughts on “Daily Read: Castle Mango – Chapter 09

  1. Thanks for the review! It’s great to see how the story has developed. The only part I found quite irritating is the misunderstanding. Gosh, if only they could have a proper conservation to clear all of those trivial stuffs. Anyways, I wonder how Togame’s response will be, it’s very nice if he can pursue his dream, but it would be even nicer if he and Yorozu made up before he leaves for Kenya.

    • You’re welcome!

      “Gosh, if only they could have a proper conservation to clear all of those trivial stuffs.”
      I was raging about that on twitter and someone mentioned that the misunderstanding is like… the essence of the manga. Can’t help but to agree. Ever since chapter 1, Yorozu thought that Togame’s after his bro’s pants. Gah, I feel like bashing both their heads now.

      Yeah! Fix that misunderstanding! Then kiss and make up!! Sadly I have a feeling their relationship won’t go so smooth.

  2. Thanks for this “daily read”.

    Castle Manga has great art + story. ♥

    I think I missed some chapters but I might wait to see more chapters scanlated &/or published to read it. Each time, I feel a bit (a lot) frustrated to see how few scenes the main charas have together since they started to really care about the other.

    I love how everybody’s asking Yozoru to be more spoiled like a kid that he is.
    He should ask Togame to spoil him more instead of being nervous/jealous about the relationship between Togame and his brother. ¬_¬

  3. isn’t ninomiya togame’s ex-boyfriend? no elaboration on that?
    thanks for the review! it helped a lot because i can’t read chinese T_T. Yorozu’s insecurities are so weird, but i look forward to how their relationship will develop.
    i really can’t wait for the second tankoubon! >_<

  4. Um;;;
    um…. do you have traslation ver of this chapter(in english)
    chinsese is ……so….hard to understand if you have
    pleas email me !
    thank you!!

  5. thank you very much!!! ~ ♥
    now i finally can understand what’s going on
    i hope you’d do more daily read about Castle Mango!

  6. thanks for the translate…^^ it really helps
    by the way, does ninomiya really togane’s ex boyfriend? cause i read that ninomiya is his classmate that togane’s fall in love with….so i thought it was unrequited love…
    so which one is correct??

    sorry for my bad english >_<

  7. hi! thanks for this awesome summary! ^__^ I was itching to know what comes next, so after a lot of searching, I was led to this website. Now I can sleep somewhat more peacefully. I wish you could do a summary like this for the new chapters to seeing that the scanlation group working on this manga had this project dropped because it is already licensed. I will of course buy the english version when it comes out in May, but I can’t wait that is for the first volume only. *sigh* in any case, if you can, please have something like this again for the new chapters. thanks in advance!! :)

  8. Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the summary for this chapter.
    It was nice of you!
    And I really appreciate it!


  9. hi! i am new to this blog, but i wanted to say – i love it. thank you so much for your summaries of the ‘castle mango’ chapters. i been in withdrawal because my mind kept going around in circles about what was going to happen to these characters. i’m sooo happy i learn what is going on…how they fare. it is difficult to wait without not knowing, but having these summaries are allowing it for me to make it. so thank you!!!

    stay cool and till next time!

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