Daily Read: Fuson na Hana wo Aisureba

Fuson na Hana wo Aisureba by Takarai Saki was such a disappointment. There I said it. I had it in my wishlist for a while, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it. In fact, I though Ronald no Yabou was better, though I didn’t really like it that much either. Second Life and Katsubou no Mazashi wasn’t that great too. Why Takarai Saki, WHY!! Pretty drawing, crappy story. This reminds me of Suzukura Hal.

Anyway, I felt I was really mean after writing this post but these are my true feelings!

Key “highlights” of the main story:

1. Incest.
Here we have a love triangle between three blood related brothers. Oh, not forgetting the brothers’ dad with their very much related aunt. Tsk, tsk. :D

Older bro (Kazuma) was very much in love with his youngest brother, Koutarou who’s a bastard child of his father who had an affair with the aunt. Kazuma claimed that Koutarou is his first love.

Then, second youngest brother’s (Ibuki) in love with Kazuma to the point of obsession even though there wasn’t any focus on their relationship to hint that he’s interested in older bro.
2. Genetic Sexual Attractions.
Remember point number one? Well, Kazuma claimed that it’s in their family’s genetic to be in incest relationship which is a possibility. He went into Koutarou’s room to confess his love and revealed the identity of kid’s real mother in his drunken state. He even forced himself onto the kid but the kid managed to ran away. At least the saving point of the manga is that there’s no sex with an underaged kid of 15.
3. Puppy love.
Right. The mangaka completely disregarded the fact that Kazuma was, in fact, madly in love with Koutarou when Ibuki confessed his love to Kazuma. Immediately after Koutarou ran away from Kazuma, Ibuki caught him before he could ran after Koutarou. Ibuki then threw Kazuma into his room and proceeded to screw him senseless. Oh, they chatted a little and Ibuki confessed his love too. But they went straight to humping like bunnies in heat.
4. Memorable Characters.
…Which I hate so much. I prefer it if there’s proper reason for Kazuma to devote his love to Ibuki other than, “hey, this is fun! I’ve never seen Ibuki with that expression before.” Kazuma’s extreme do-S (ドS – aka sadism) is very annoying. Some manga pulled the do-S character off nicely but Kazama is just crap. Ibuki’s another do-S and had bipolar personality but at least there’s a valid reason for him to be like that. Doesn’t mean that I like him though. Koutarou is there just for decoration.
5. Stockholm Syndrome.
Since Kazuma’s the eldest son, he’s supposed to be the heir to his family’s fortunes and stuck being in an arranged marriage. But, Ibuki managed to convince their father that Kazuma was unfit because Kazuma’s suffering from mental illness. Ibuki took his fiance too. All these scheming just so Kazuma will get so pissed at the betrayal and ran away from home. Subsequently, like what Ibuki planned, he got captured.

Ibuki locked Kazuma in a room slash dungeon and chains him down. At first he’s pissed but Kazuma started to like Ibuki’s obsession with him and they lived happily ever after. Or as happy as they could.

Second Story Summary

The second story is very cliche. About a rich boy saving another boy who was on the verge of death and the latter becomes his little butler and friend. Said rich boy’s father’s chief of butlers hated the kid and when the rich boy was leaving abroad to study, the old butler forbade the poor boy to tag along.

When the two kids tried to run away to their own sacred haven, rich boy fell and little butler saved him, forever leaving his face scarred.

Then, here’s where all the misunderstanding starts. Old butler told the rich boy and family that the kid wanted to go back home and was given monthly medical compensation. But the thing is the kid never went home and was only allowed in the basement. The old butler barred the kid from meeting anybody, especially the rich boy’s family.

Thus, the rich kid went abroad thinking that his friend was suuuuuper mad at him.

Years later, rich kid turned man came back. Little butler’s really excited to see him but he remembered the old butler’s warnings and secretly visited rich man when he’s asleep in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, rich man woke up one day in time to catch little butler stalking him. Little butler ran away and avoided rich man ever since.

When little butler accidentally spilled the beans that he was visiting rich man, old butler raged like how his father used to hit and bash at him. Little butler’s family treated him like shit and he ran away from home. That’s how he met rich kid/man in the first place. And now, he ran away from rich kid’s home.

Anyway, when rich man couldn’t find his little butler, he went missing to look for the kid. The whole house was in uproar to look for rich kid and when little butler heard about rich man’s disappearance, he went back to rich kid’s home. He backtracked to the forest where the rich kid and little butler wanted to run away to but he slipped and fell at the same place years ago.

Then comes his knight in shinning armour. Rich kid saved him. They went to their “sacred haven” and chat, have sex and chat some more.

Finally, they realised they’ve been duped by the old butler. Rich man went to talk to his rich father to assign little butler as his personal butler again and to confess his undying love for the kid. Of course, old butler’s around and tried to stop them. But when rich father realised that little butler’s still around and the old butler’s been embezzling their money with his big fat lie, old butler got sacked instead.

Rich father consented to their relationship as long as rich kid does his job properly. The End.

Of course, many wouldn’t agree with my thoughts about Fuson no Hana wo Aisureba but everybody’s entitled to their own views, even my very mean ones. Even though the art was gorgeous, I wished Takarai Saki’s storytelling’s better. You could guess what the characters were going to say or do in the second story. In fact, I wished the second story didn’t stick with all the cliche butler and rich kid story that has been done countless times already, in manga and novels alike. I wished Kazuma was a more solid character and that Koutarou had a better role. Pretty kimono aside, I really don’t recommend anybody to buy this book before they’re read the manga somewhere or if you get it with a discount.


18 thoughts on “Daily Read: Fuson na Hana wo Aisureba

  1. I like that you gave an honest opinion–I don’t think people should have to ever qualify their opinions, even if “negative.” They were deserved criticism and I honestly wish more bloggers would offer them. Especially in BL, it seems that everything is AWESOME and there’s no flaws–yet we know that’s not the truth. I’d like to know if I’m wasting my money or not, so I trust people who offer critical opinions at times more. It makes their high opinions even shinier :D After all, most jobs worth doing expose you to criticism, so why should this one be any different?

    I do like the older guy with the sideburns, YUM. There’s a little good thing about it. :D

    • (;_;)Everybody’s so nice to me today even though I’m being mean, THANK YOU!! But seriously, there’s a time when I wanted create a blog just to review crappy shoujo manga because they were so bad that I moved away from that genre for a year or two.

      There’s this Japanese fudanshi blogger which I follow closely because his reviews are usually pretty good. He doesn’t hold back if a manga is bad. He reviews light BL once in a while too: http://idukidiary.blog6.fc2.com/

      <3 The rich kid's dad! I like his character the most too. He only came out for less than 5 pages though.

      • lol bad shoujo blog. The fodder for that would be endless XD That could be fun. I’d personally worry about spreading the misconception that all shoujo is like that, so I’d need a BIG disclaimer XD But that’s only because people with that misconception constantly find me online and require le smackdown.

        Haha, that is probably the only Japanese blogger I follow with any regularity! XD Mostly because I like the honest opinions :3 I don’t always agree, but I respect them and can learn from it.

        • Funny thing was that I got a couple of friends and my sister to join the little project. :’D Sometimes we need something bad to make good titles better.

          I’d personally worry about spreading the misconception that all shoujo is like that, so I’d need a BIG disclaimer XD But that’s only because people with that misconception constantly find me online and require le smackdown.
          But there are tons more really good shoujo out there that scanlator seemed to no pick (for some reason ;-;). I keep meeting people who said that they hate shoujo now that they’ve found the existence of BL. I want to comment that BL has the same plot with shoujo sometimes. Just switch two males to a couple of male and female you’d get the typical cliche shoujo plot that everybody seemed to hate so much. :’D

  2. New visitor here☆ Or rather, de-lurking myself and finally commenting on your blog posts ;;; I really enjoy your entries! :)

    Ahh I read the same book a few days ago too and QUITE agree with your distaste for the first story. I just got angrier as I read because so many things seemed to get dropped as the story progressed…and the ending was blah :C The second story I liked much better since the characters were more likeable, but a tad boring… At least the art is pretty? ;v; (Noticed your caps are in Chinese… do you read from 新新 too? XD)

    • Hello there! ;-; I’m so glad you find my humble blog enjoyable.

      YES! Angry!! I was kinda pissed when I read it so I had to rant somewhere. Nah, I used to download from random Chinese blogger or emule but now I just rely on LJ or nihonomaru :D

  3. I had this in my wishlist too, but I’ll have to take it off since it doesn’t seem to be worth it. Thanks for your honest review.

  4. I was fairly entertained by Ronald (men and their over-imaginative minds LOL)

    The cover would have tempted me since her art is gorgeous. I have a thing (not those guilty pleasures, more like secret fear) of stockholm /shivers …and not-done-well-s-type-ukes? oh dear OOTL


    Btw, did I mention I love your new layout? ;DD

    • SEXY OJISAN IS THE DAD! ;-; I wished he had longer screen time, maybe he’ll be the only reason for me to get the book.

      Lol, you’re going to get this book for the not-so-well-done-uke?

      I love this layout too, it’s so neat!

  5. Even when you rant, you managed to write a funny post. Hahaha.
    It’s always good to read an honest appraisal. Thank you! ^^

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