December Orders – Last of 2011

Here’s my last order of 2011 and preferably last for the next 6 months… So far, I didn’t order anything this month, yet. Anyway, I’m very excited for this month’s manga orders! If you check this link, I’ve gotten Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, bunko version of Hagio Moto’s Marginal and Azumi Moka’s Destinies Cross too. I’ve also ordered Minazuki Akira’s doujinshi but they’ll take a while to arrive, maybe next month?

From top to bottom:

Ayashi no Kimi no Koi Moyou by Kuku HayateI have a feeling this is a spinoff or a sequel to Ayashi no Kimi no Koiwazurai? Will check that out before I read Ayashi no Kimi no Koi Moyou. Looks like there are a few stories in there. Can’t wait to read this!

Baiou Ryouran – Choushuu Bakumatsu Kyousoukyoku Vol 2 by Aida Kaoru
Volume 1 left us with a pretty big cliffhanger. I wonder if volume 2 will touch on Takasugi Shinsaku and Akane Taketo more? As much as I like Kotoko’s stories, her boke-ness can be rather annoying at times. Oh, the main story stops pretty early in volume 2, the rest of the book are extras.

Kamitoki no Resist Vol 1 by Yamada Shiro
Omg, this book is SO worth it! I wish every publisher would just print their coloured double page spread in colour for their tankoubon release! Kamitoki no Resist is just that! I doubt the story will be good but at least the art is pretty.

Ouji, Ikebukurokei. by Sakura Sakuya
It’s pretty evident from how I spammed my twitter to tweet about Ouji, Ikebukurokei, I love this manga so much. Personally, I find this one of Sakura Sakuya’s best work, other than the rabbit and kitsune manga. It’s hilarious, cute, witty, funny, frustrating, every little BL cliche that makes it such an enjoyable read!

Izanai ~ Hyakunen no Koi by Shimotsuki Kairi
Haven’t read it but it’s such a long time since I’ve ready BL titles by Shimotsuki Kairi. All I know is it’s about vampires. Art is still jaw-dropping, gorgeous.

Yagate, Ao ni Naru by est em
I have a feeling I’m going to love this. I can smell the drama from flipping through. There are a few stories in one book as well. The last one has some oyaji and a kid swimming.

Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu Vol 1 by Samamiya Akaza
Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu kinda reminds me of Kyou Kara Maou for some reason. The story’s about a poor and penniless prince, his clumsy, useless aid whose only merit is his cooking and a friend who’s a rich prince from neighboring country but is hiding his identity, trying to earn money in every possible way. In the first chapter, the prince even had to crossdress. The boys are so cute too!

Nigeru Hanayome no Shitsukekata by Samamiya Akaza
Okay, I’ll admit. I bought this just for Samamiya Akaza. The plot looks like the type that I despise too. A kid who was pulled into an arranged marriage with another rich kid. I’ll hold off commenting too much before I read it but yeah, I shall cross my fingers… and toes.

Genji Monogatari by Miyagi Tooko
Even though I just read volume 1 recently, I don’t remember much of the story. Roughly. it’s about Murasaki, who’s a storyteller who tells the tales of Genji. Her stories are somewhat related to the events of Murasaki’s life.

Hi no Matoi by Inui Miku
Omg, volume 5 promises a lot drama, action and Koutarou goodness!

Akatsuki no Fumi by Inui Miku
Akatsuki no Fumi includes onehots by Inui Miku that were printed in Arcana. There’s also a chapter of extra from Hi no Matoi.

Soshite Tenshi ga Utaidasu by Furuta Akira & Kannagi Satoru
Hm, I am a little disappointed with this book. I thought it would be really god-like awesome since it’s written by Kannagi Satoru but it’s not the case. Not to say that it’s not good, it’s just that it’s not unique enough to be that good. The main character is an ex-host who now works as a private detective that takes on cases like finding lost pets. His reluctant partner is his office building’s new owner and someone who he likes. Of course, said partner always rejects his advances. One day a rich kid gave them a case, to look for his long lost elder brother…

Doko Yori mo Love De! by Arai Sachi
m(_ _)m I’m really sorry Arai Sachi! I didn’t buy this book right away when it first came out! I’ve only flipped through the book, it looks like it’s about a home appliances promoter and a bartender. The whole book is about both of them so I’m really looking forward to it.

onBlue vol 4
Gosh, finally! Yamashita Tomoko’s special interview with Hideyoshiko! Ishino Aya’s work in there’s really cute too.
Canna vol 20
Got this for Aoi Aki’s pretty colour page and gorgeous oneshot. It comes with the continuation of Hayakawa Nojiko’s Hana no Saku Koro and Hirama Mitsunaga’s new on-going series, Mahoroba no Hibi. There’s also a new series by Kousaka Akiho, Teoi no Kishi no Hanashi which is written by Kuriki Shinobu.


8 thoughts on “December Orders – Last of 2011


    You read some ridiculously well-drawn manga… This makes me want to learn more Japanese, but self-teaching myself would be hard… (I only took the first level at my college so I fiure out what they say through the furigana) I know this is a BL review blog, but maybe you could include some series that have hints of slash? (aka have you reviewed anything by naked ape yet? I love their doujinshi~) But I guess you might not have time to include them all, especially if you’re like me and view the world in rose-tinted slash goggles…

    • Lol, I’m very shallow when it comes to buying manga, at least for ones that I can’t find reviews of. Pretty drawing = worth every penny. :D

      I don’t buy Naked Ape manga since my sister buys them, but yeah, maybe one day I’ll review slash manga! I actually have some none BL manga review planned in my draft but I always ended up writing something else and putting them aside. >_<!

    • ;-; Did I mention I hate bunko prints? I haven’t read Marginal yet but I’m about to. Staring at the tiny fonts now…

  2. Very nice. And all of them have pretty art.

    “The story’s about a poor and penniless prince, his clumsy, useless aid”
    Naive + clumsy guy = either adorable or annoying. Hope he’s not fall to type 2.

    “wish every publisher would just print their coloured double page spread in colour for their tankoubon release”
    Maybe it’s their strategy, so that we will buy their magazine.

    • XD I’m very shallow when it comes to purchasing manga, especially for ones that are new. Art is always the deciding factor in the end. :D

      Sadly, Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu isn’t BL, but I hope the prince will choose both his aid and the neighbouring prince. :D

      Gah, it is their strategy! ;-; Can’t resist getting some magazine for their goodies too.

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