Manga to Look Forward to – January 2012

There are so many exciting new titles coming out next month, especially Koi to wa Yobenai! This post is killing me so badly but at least I can keep a backlog of stuff to buy in another 5 and half months. Or… I should just buy these and Kazuki Yone’s artbook before it runs out of stock, again. >:

First up, one of my favourite series, Koi to wa Yobenai volume 2 is coming out 10th of February. The novel part, Ai to wa Ienai volume 3 is coming out 7 days later. Maybe I should get the novel just to read about Kittaka and Sagan’s side of the story.


More from Libre:
Sweet Pool Volume 2 by Kurumazaki Mayu & Nitro+CHiRAL
Zankoku ni Ai wo Sasayaite by Narusaka Rin
Omertà ~ Kochou no Yume no Hate by Tateishi Ryou & Natsumi Kanna (花梨シャノアールΩ) Guessing it’s the comic version of this game?
Ningen no Ichiban Muboubi na Bubun by Shuusai Fumiko
Dramatic no Ubae by Higashino Yuu
Satou Mitai ni Amakushite by Mitsuki Nao


Not a manga but hey, it’s not an anime either. The DVD release for Animix of Finder no Hyouteki scheduled to the end of February, on 29th.


Coming out next month from Hertz, we have Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Mad Cinderella volume 2 and Kano Shiuko’s Priceless Honey.


And then from Drap, we have Shimaji’s new tank, Kaerenai Futari, coming out on the 25th of February.


Next month from Hanaoto we’re getting an exciting new tank from Hidaka Shouko, title Hatsukoi no Atosaki and Monden Akiko’s Limiter.


I’ve been looking forward to the tank release of Kurosawa Kaname’s Mizu no Haru because I couldn’t read this series with a few missing chapters and it looks so adorable!


From Rutile we have Aoi Levin’s Blood Loop volume 2, Mitsuba Jyuuri’s Sukiyori, Motto and Matsumoto Miccohouse’s Hoshi no Kazu hodo.

And then under Lynx we have 2 new tanks, Tsukue no Shita no Renai Jutsu by Sagawa Miku and Private Fragrance by Takaoka Motonari.



7 thoughts on “Manga to Look Forward to – January 2012

  1. I totally agree with you on Mizu no Haru. The cover looks absolutely adorable. Totally my art style type XD. From what I found so far, Kaname-sensei hasn’t released much, she only has done illustrations for a few books though. Hopefully in the future more and more of her works will be published.

    I’m also looking forward to reading vol 2 of Mad Cinderella. The story is just way too cute plus sensei’s art style totally makes it worth purchasing the book.

    • Oh dang, I wanted to show you some samples for Mizu no Hana but the chapter’s still glued to the spine. >_<! The art in side is really cute!

      Yeah! Mad Cinderella is so adorable, the latest chapters are so cute. *O* Poor elder brother…

  2. I’ve found Koi to wa Yobenai in Spanish, so I can’t wait for the continuation. Meh, the other releases from Libre don’t really interest me.
    Finder is looking good, but I still probably won’t watch it; animated yaoi is just bit weird and awkward.
    I’ve probably get to read Mad Cinderella vol02, Priceless Honey, and The Process of First Love, so yay!
    I’ll have to add the other ones to my wishlist.

    • Yeah! At least there’s a form of scans out there for people to enjoy Koi to wa Yobenai. Slice of life BL that’s done so well!

      Maybe I’ll check out Narusaka Rin’s new tank? Hatsukou Eyes got some pretty good initial reviews on Amazon.

      I may get Omerta just for Tateishi Ryou. Sensei only draws illustrations for games and novels, so this is her first manga release. :D Not to mention, her art is gorgeous!

      LOL! Yeah! I know what you mean, I can’t really watch anime in general anyway. BL anime is just… :’D

      • I’ve read Hitomi no Dokusenyoku by Narusaka Rin and wasn’t really impressed, so that’s why I’m kinda meh about her new book.

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